Pope Francis: “You can not serve God and money.”


Vatican City ( AsiaNews) – ” You can not serve God and money “, ” greed , in fact, is the root of all evil “, “it corrupts” and “its power is so great, it can make you deviate from [the path of ] faith”, it even “robs you of faith, it weakens it and you lose it”. And when one does something for money that countermands the first commandment, he or she “is guilty of idolatry.”


Editor’s note: I applaud Pope Francis for his clarity on this matter. Just one question … why do we have many of our bishops running dioceses with assets running into the hundreds of millions of dollars? Wouldn’t the Church be better off with more bishops – in much smaller dioceses – in charge of fewer hard assets?


  1. “Wouldn’t the Church be better off with more bishops—in much smaller dioceses—in charge of fewer hard assets?”

    A fair question. A fair answer would be: Yes.

    The reality is that, in order to have more bishops, we first need more priests. As we all know, we are still very early in the process of restoring the pre-conciliar ratio of priests to laity and—God willing—achieving an even better balance. I refrain, for now, from reiterating the reasons for the devastating, precipitous, post-conciliar losses of priests and religious vocations. I’ll just sign off with a hint: the operative word in the previous sentence is “post-conciliar”.

  2. What does it to Profiteh a man and sell his soul!
    The love of $ is the root of ALL Evil!

    Face it, in the Post Modern World, what kind of men join the Priesthood?
    The money would best be served in Charity, to the Poor and Afflicted! Our dear President, in the U.S. Wants to Tax, those Charitable Institutions and make the State the PROVIDER!

  3. I do agree!
    I think that there are probably too many “princes” of the Church! (note the bitter irony in the titles from a Pre-councillor Church. One that we have inherited and still needs to be radically corrected despite the Councils requests)
    The official reason given for the millions of Reserved Finances stems back to the Court of the Roman Empire and that it is needed for those rainy days that surprise us all from time to time; and there is some truth in that but hardly justifies the excess of finances in the face of terrible poverty and the Gospels?
    But there are still too many big important officials and so I suspect that is why our present pope has started to call for a less worldly and more pastoral care of the faithful?

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