New Orleans bishop attempting to “reclaim” Sundays for more traditional Catholic purposes

After months of nudging Catholics to reclaim Sunday as a day to attend Mass and spend time with family, New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond is mandating that Catholic schools clear their calendars that day each week.

Aymond began asking schools last year to tweak practice schedules and reschedule social events so harried families could dedicate their Sundays to worshipping and staying close to home. This year, the request took on new urgency, and by the 2014-15 school year, it will be an official policy of the archdiocese.

“It’s rooted in the fact that people have a number of obligations and commitments. Our society is fast-paced,” Aymond said. “In living such a hectic life, people neglect sometimes, not purposefully, the very basics of faith and family.”

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  1. Naturally, objections for this new policy are rooted in the worship of the True Religion of the USA: sports. So much for Catholics being different so that they can shine their light on the One True Faith.

  2. The Archbishop knows his Priorities!
    How much grief will he receive from this Non- Sportsman Call?

  3. I do not understand anything about American sports but I usually attend Mass on a Saturday evening. In the UK it has been the vigil mass since the early 1980s and works fine over here.
    The Sunday Sabbath is important but more important as a Holy (holiday) day of rest. Of course the original Sabbath was the Saturday as the Jews well know and still keep. All the Apostles, Jesus and early Church, Patriarchs etc etc etc would have kept the Saturday as Holy. This day is the seventh day and not the Pagan Sunday which is from the worship of Sun Invicto or The Glorious Sun.
    It was changed to Sunday for Christians by Constantine in c 322/3 March I seem to recall? and to give Christianity its own separate identity.
    Just as long as there is a Sabbath holy day or Holiday then it seems we fulfil the Commandment.

    • From the Catechism:

      2175 Sunday is expressly distinguished from the sabbath which it follows chronologically every week; for Christians its ceremonial observance replaces that of the sabbath. In Christ’s Passover, Sunday fulfills the spiritual truth of the Jewish sabbath and announces man’s eternal rest in God. For worship under the Law prepared for the mystery of Christ,
      and what was done there prefigured some aspects of Christ: Those who lived according to the old order of things have come to a new hope, no longer keeping the sabbath, but the Lord’s Day, in which our life is blessed by him and by his death.


      • Doug,
        I, the Lord do not change! I still cannot believe the change from Saturday Sabbath to Sunday Lord’s Day!
        God does not change, even though the Christians changed it!
        Someday, perhaps, I will see God, face to face…..and that would be my Divine Question, to a holy God!

      • But God does engage in selective and sequential revelation – as he did throughout the Old and even the New Testaments. There is a time for every purpose under Heaven. See the answer to your related question for more details.


    • Scampy22
      The only Christian denomination that observes the Saturday Sabbath are The Seventh Day Adventist. They are quite vocal, on the Roman Catholic Church , changing it to the pagan Sun-Day, the first day of the week. God rested, on the Last Day of Creation, so in his Moral Law, he commands us, to rest!
      In the New Teatament, we observe the Lord’s Day, on the Third Day, on His Resurrection…..but is this Gods Commandment?I, the Lord do not change…….So Why Was This Done?
      Could the Cult, be correct?

      • The sabbath applied only to the Israelites. Observing the sabbath was never required of any non-Jew. The Saturday sabbath, along with the entirety of the old law ceased to be of any value to anyone after Jesus’ saving death on the cross. The temporary purpose of all those things – including the Levitical Priesthood and the Temple Worship System – had been accomplished. From the day of the first Christian Pentecost until the end of time, the Catholic Church – along with the Mass and the Sacraments – would serve all the needs of the faithful.


      • Doug,
        Matthew 5: 17-18 Not Till the End OF Time…is what Christ said!
        The Second Covenant does Not Abolish The Ten Commandments. He now has Redeemed us from Sin, not Temporary atonement as the Jewish Levitical Priest did, in their sacrifice of Animals! I will see your link, for the Catholic Interpretation, which I am a member.
        I do not believe, there is any Judism, in my bloodlines 🙂
        Christ Jesus, and His Words, mean more than Holy Men. He is God Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth!
        The Ceremonial Law is just for Jews!

      • Ditto to Doug’s points, Cathy. The Salvation accomplished by Jesus on the Cross and proven by His resurrection was the fulfillment of the Old Covenant and the beginning of the New one. Christians are not bound by Old one, but totally beholden to, and obligated by, the New Covenant.

        Jesus appointed Peter and his successors to lead His Church on Earth. The decision to make Sunday the Christians’ obligatory Holy Day of the week was made by men guided by the Holy Spirit.

        What’s to question about that? You needn’t wait; the answer is already plain.

  4. This is all quite interesting but fails to appreciate the fact of Catholic ie Roman Catholic authority.

    When we consider Scripture we should be aware that it predates Nicene or Arles or any other catholic council although Jerusalem is sometimes suggested though this is itself not strictly Roman Catholic (as it predates circumcision exclusion and Roman Bishopric authority) but Jewish.

    The point is that Everybody (humans) in the Bible be they Old or New Testaments understood as the Jews still do . .that the Sabbath is on Saturday. On this day the Ten Commandments require to be kept Holy. That commandment is still in effect! (As I suggested above however Holy as Holiday means different things through the ages and in different locations)

    On the other hand today Christians chose Sunday as that Day. It is the Lords day but this terminology may cause confusion because it appears to contradict the Old Testament Deity’s command. So we must go back to the early Church.

    The Resurrection of Christ and Pentecost and the new religion of Nazarenes soon known as Christians finds itself in a Roman often hostile world. The Church was badly persecuted by the Jews whom regarded it as blasphemously heretical. Its Rabbi leader claiming equality with their own knowledge of God I AM etc.
    When Constantine The Great defeated his rivals and in effect becomes Ruler of the Roman World, calls a Council to understand the position of the Son of God and define Orthodox Catholic understanding. Whereas before there was no creed universal and a multiple of local churches competing and destroying the religion, Nicene sets down initial understanding. However, many Bishops around Constantine did not want to be identified as a Jewish off shoot. This was a new Roman Church with Roman ideas and Roman doctrines although these were being borrowed from the Empire but that is because persecution had forced the earlier Church underground.
    In March 323 Constantine decrees that the new Christian Sabbath in keeping with Old Testament commandment shall be the new day of Sunday.
    This old pagan day of the Glorious Sun was already favoured because Christians could point out that it was revealed in Scripture as a Day of the Lords Resurrection and his Spirits descent.

    Whatever anti Catholic sentiments presume about Catholics being pagans they are in part true. The Catholic Church has as its historical roots pagan iconography and pagan understanding. At the height of the Reformation the Roman Catholic world discovered the Ancient Classical World and rejoiced in its greatness whereas to the reformers it was shocking! All that flesh and riotous living!!!

    The actual reason the Church of Rome made Sunday the day of the Lord . .in effect the Sabbath is because it has since that spring day back in 320s been able to do so.

    Its a bit like water and wine at the altar. The Church will elaborate that water is taken as the water that flowed from Christ’s side! BUT it is not actually historically correct. The water on the altar is original to the Roman empire where only the barbaric drunk wine without diluting it!
    Go to a posh Restaurant get the wine and even today you should get a jug of water!

    Its origins are pagan! When you become wed and the ring is placed on the third finger . . it is sometimes declared as Father (index) Son (middle) third (Holy Spirit) But its a pagan custom. In ancient Egypt a vein that ran direct to the heart was thought to be in this finger. Indeed it was the Egyptians that gave us the belief in the Heart as a centre of being etc.
    Again the halo is only a Pagan Sun. The Sun Invicto or Glorious sun which adorns the saints, Madonna and God comes from a pagan past!

    The Roman Catholic Church is full of Historical interest and it is a shame to limit it by latter prude-ness or misunderstanding.
    One of the greatest things about our Roman Church is that it is the Roman Empire alive in the world today, changed by Christ and made Holy but historically its roots and much of its brilliance comes from the Classical world of antiquity!

    • Scampy22
      The Painful Truth….I agree, with your reply!
      Chritianity melded with Pagonism…It’s everywhere in the Ancient Church!
      Look at the famous Obelisk from Egypt….what does that stand for??? I could on from Orbs to Shells, they all have Pagan beginnings. Most Catholics ignore, this phenominal history! I am glad, Iam not alone!

      • The obelisk serves today – most essentially – as a clock – a sun dial. It is very likely that it was the last thing St. Peter saw before he died. The cross that now stands at the top of that obelisk symbolizes the victory of Jesus Christ over the forces of the world, the flesh and the devil – not to mention the pagan empire that crucified our savior. Just because something was crafted by a pagan doesn’t mean it can’t be holy. Consider the effects of baptism on a formerly pagan person.


      • Doug,
        That’s One Big Sun-Dial, that was brought over from Egypt, under threat of death, if it were damaged! Legend has it that was the missing Phallic Symbol of Horace. I would definitely, place a Cross on it, to make it more agreeable!
        What on earth would this have to do with Christ, Our Saviour?
        This was a Poor Past Decision….says, Lil Ole Me! It is Open Game for the Conspiracy Theorist, on the Internet! I have seen enough!

      • Let’s not forget the Israelites sojourned in Egypt for over 400 years and Jesus lived there for a time, as well. Also – Egypt and the bulk of North Africa were (once) almost exclusively Catholic. Now that the Muslims have virtually taken over the entire Middle East, it’s only fair that we Catholics get to keep the obelisk, as a souvenir!

      • Doug, Joseph brought his brothers to Egypt to escape famine, when he became a Highly regarded “Prime Minister” to the Egyptians. Phaoroh, looked favorably, upon this Israelite, for saving the Egyptians from starvation!
        Years past, and leadership died and the Jews multiplied. The the Egyptians made them their slaves to contain them….the came Moses, born of an Isrealite Family, who escaped the ordered Death Decree, of all Jewish males born……and we Know that Story!
        Many years later, Mary and Joseph took their babe Jesus, to Egypt to hide from the orders, of Harod to kill all Israelite boys under 2. Then, the Holy Family returned to Nazereth…..
        Later, when Christianity formed, the Four Patriarchs were Alexandria ( Egypt) Jerusalem, Anteoch, and Rome!
        The Eyptians are Polythesic, and worship Isis and the Dead, and many gods, they set up their Obelisk in memory ( Idolatry!) Their were Christians, that Worshipped Christ (Coptic) but they do not look upon the Egyptian culture of Polytheism!
        Christianity Essentially began in North Africa, but has nothing to do with Obelisks!

      • So … what about the Washington Monument?


      • Doug,
        I honestly don’t know what to tell you!
        Every major city ine World has an Obelisk….and Not as a Sundial!
        This is much more than an Architectural Decoration/Ornamentation!
        There is a city, in the Mideast, that’s got some, not so good hieroglyphics !
        Look online, and see what you can find…..everywhere from Sweden to South America… Very strange!
        Have Fun. 🙂

  5. Well in Ancient Egypt the obelisk is literally the flair of the sun. Associated with Ra the Sun or Ra-Horus as the bringer of light it is a single shot of light. Imagine a sunburst and each fire shot is shaped? yes like the obelisk.
    That is why it has associations with the sun and Doug is correct it was probably used in the circus as a sun dial.
    It is a beautiful architectural designed object and shows how brilliant (that is not just a pun) the Ancient Egyptians were.

    As for the notion that we Catholics are founded with lots of Pagan iconography well thank God for it! Unlike the bare puritanical plainness of so many Calvinistic austerity we in the Catholic Church celebrate the gold and the glitter. Nobody can accuse the Catholic Church of being simple or mundane. The magnificence of Art is to be considered a cultural gem and from whenever it comes if it beautiful then it is beautiful. To regard it with suspicion or grave disdain is to act in ignorance and absurd prude-ness!
    I did mention above the Heart as coming from Egyptian ideas of the centre of being and Catholics are well aware of this continued strategy even in the most beloved images of Our Lord. The Sacred Heart for example is a direct recall to the Ancient Egyptians notion of the centrality of being and in many such ways paganism moulds into Church history and understanding and gives glory to God therein.

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