Today is the memorial of St. Padre Pio of Pieltrelcina


Dr. Taylor Marshall posted a link to a bit of authentic video footage of St. Pio, doing “ordinary” things. It runs about 8 minutes and is certainly worth a look. The video actually gets better as it goes along.

Watch the video

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  1. The classic laughing remark of Padre Pio was that in 24 hours people expected him to work 25 miracles! As always a very humble man of great Franciscan joy he was like John Vianney a most ordinary person and remarkably so in wake of the extraordinary events that surrounded him, often in supernatural occurrences.
    One of the greatest Saints of recent decades and always of good humour and wit a man of exceptional graces that suffered horrendously from many authorities within the Church and their own pettiness and shallow dispositions.
    Yeah! things were always so and have hardly changed I fear!

    Two of the great things I find about Pio is his total devotion to Mother Church even when he was badly treated by its governing authorities and his love of Jesus Christ and the Madonna that made him when he lived and make him now in heaven so powerful in the war against sin and devils.
    A greater friend could not be imagined before the throne of God.

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