Obama and HHS vs Little Sisters of the Poor

…because the Sisters do not discriminate in their service or their hiring, they, and their ministry, and the aged population they serve, are all begin imperiled by the United States Government, specifically by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Obama Administration.

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  1. Why is the USCCB not raising literal Holy Hell about this? Why are bishops not leading sit-ins and demonstrations in front of HHS HQs and offices. They (the prelates) have proven themselves good for very little of value and often worse than useless. If they are serious about “social justice,” they need to get in the trenches day-before-yesterday.

    The laity have already more than paid their dues on the streets in front of where the killings take place, often at great personal risk and sacrifice. It’s time now for episcopal boots on the ground.

    The late Austin Vaughan led the way decades ago. Time now for the American prelature to follow his example on a grand scale.

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