Ohio Mom Teams-up With TMLC to Remove Islamic Proselytizing Video from 7th Grade History Class

The Olmsted Falls City School District, located in Olmsted Falls, Ohio has agreed to remove the video “30 Days: Muslim and America” from the 7th grade World History Curriculum.  The action was taken to avoid a constitutional challenge by the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which filed a series of requests for public records concerning the video on behalf of Jenny McKeigue, a mother of three children who attend schools within the district.

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Video – Three (Real) Things About Islam



  1. If only this mother would have simply removed her children from the government schools that they attend! There would have been three fewer morsels for those hideous institutions to devour and ruin. If enough parents would follow the same course of action, the results would be starvation for the schools and salvation for the children liberated from them.

    Separation of School and State!!

  2. I would like to say that I am in the middle of a book about a group in the sixties who called for a Catholic confessional state here on our shores, the editors and contributors and perhaps most readers of a magazine called Triumph. And I’ve put it down in the middle, altho the history is totally fascinating, in frustration that they were derailed–by what, you ask? By communism. They sided with secularism against communism, and it killed them. And now we’re doing the same thing with Islam. We’re making secularism’s war against Islam our war. Mark’s comment that better she had pulled her kids out is related to the point I am trying to make. Man, Secularism is a greater danger to us all than piddly, really stupid Islam.

    • “Secularism is a greater danger to us all than piddly, really stupid Islam.”

      Megadittos, Janet!! The localized wreckage perpetrated on the US 9/11/2001 (for perspective, always include the year) is nothing next to the ongoing, epic devastation being inflicted on our nation by the secular state, enabled and driven by the established civil religion: “Public Education”.

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