Pope Francis demonstrates his ability to speak clearly, when he wants to.


“There is a temptation – I would like to say it is thus for everyone , even for me , for everyone – a temptation that the devil likes very much: that against unity, when hidden dangers work directly against the unity of those who live and work in the Vatican – and the devil tries to create internal war, a kind of civil war and spiritual, is it not? It is a war that is not waged with the weapons that we recognize: it is a war waged with the tongue.”

“We ask St. Michael to help us in this war : never speak ill of each other, never open your ears to gossip. And if [one hears] someone gossiping, stop him! [Say] , ‘Here there can be none of that: walk out of St. Anne’s Gate. Go outside and talk there! Here you cannot!’ That’s it, isn’t it? The good seed yes: speak well of one another , yes, but [do not sow the poison seed] of gossip.”



  1. Gossip bad. Right. People have known that for a long time, whether or not they have internalized the proscription. Now that we’ve heard it again, let’s get back to the really problematic stuff.

  2. Its always good to be reminded that Gossip is bad because so many people engage in it and I do recall it was a special warning of Our Lady to the faithful to avoid?
    Always good to pray to St Michael especially at this time of year!

    And its always good to be reminded that gossip whispered or proclaimed loudly against those that God has put over us, His Pope for example is a very bad thing indeed . .no matter how much we may be tempted to listen or encourage!
    Of course something that helps destroy Gossip and improve a Christians Life is a good old fashioned dose of Humility! That is not the unworthiness of self but the realization that all glory and honour and praise belongs to God . . .and can help us thank God for allowing us to enjoy his leaders on earth . .like the Pope!

  3. In the NT this is simply called being a Busy Body! Jesus even warns us, that, is not we Injest, it’s what comes out of Our mouths…….the book of Proverbs has got some choice words, about the Evil Apparatus of the Tongue! I liked what Pope Francis said about Gossiping! As a Woman, it is very hard to battle with Catty friends…try to avoid the women, who get pleasure, out of Gossiping!

    • It’s nice to be able to say something positive about one of Pope Francis’ recent statements.


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