Beginning of the End – April 27, 2014?

Four Horsemen

Vatican City (AFP) – The Vatican on Monday said late popes John Paul II and John XXIII would be made saints at an unprecedented joint ceremony on April 27, 2014 in a bid to unite Catholic conservatives and liberals.


Editor’s note: Everybody likes a good party! When highly placed churchmen get caught up … not in the Spirit of Vatican II – or in the Divine, Holy Spirit – but in the Spirit of the World … anything can happen … and often does. Watch and pray!


  1. I just heard, the First of the 4 Blood Moons,will occur in April 2014, according to NASA! Could this be, the Beginning of End Time Prophecy?

    • All of the chastisements mentioned in the Book of Revelation are currently happening today, in the middle east. Not to the apostate and essentially atheistic/secular Nation of Israel – but to the New Israel – the People of God – the ancient Catholic/Orthodox Christian Communities that were so long ago established there. Nobody is stepping up to defend them Will it be necessary for Christ himself to come to their aid?


      • Jesus said, those that follow, in His name will be persecuted and Hated. More than ever, since the First Century, Christianity is under attack, by a Secular World. Our own Church is being bombarded by Politics and liberal ideology, and not Pure Christianity, following Our Lord!

  2. I have said it before and I repeat it here: The prospect of these two canonizations is literally faith-shaking to me. They are all about politics and the canonization of the disaster aka Vatican II.

    • Hang in there, Mark. It would be a shame to leave just before the good part!


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