Pope Francis is – wittingly or unwittingly – using a liberal code which genuflects to all the liberal impieties.

How else, for example, could one explain his extraordinary claim in this interview that proselytism is ‘solemn nonsense’? The Pope’s sermon yesterday (thanks Rorate) talks a lot about Mission, so surely we must interpret this remark favourably. Nevertheless, in the same interview, while ruling out proselytism, what Francis never seems to rule in is conversion.

The point is, even if he wants outsiders to convert, this coded language will be taken as a signal by ecclesial relativists. Moreover, at the same time, he insists that the Church is only there trying to spread a lot of love (principally to help the youth employment situation and lonely old folk).

And there was me thinking it had something to do with God (and it does, but you wouldn’t get that from this interview …). I mean, he does not even express the hope that maybe one day Scalfari and his readers might encounter Christ. Honestly, if he thinks this represents good tactics, he really has no antennae for how the liberals will interpret him internally.

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  1. I’ve already devoted more angst to this topic than is of any use to anyone, especially me.

    Moving on, now. We wait for another pope. Or for Him who is to return. Meanwhile, we continue our hapless wanderings in the desert.

  2. I feel ya, Mark.

    I felt the same way the first time I was invited to ‘listen in’ (I was training, after a year or so of working the phones at the reception desk) to a ‘counseling session’ at a Catholic crisis pregnancy center, and it was entirely secular. No offer of the Faith. No mention of God. No mention of the morality of the situation the woman was in (most typically concubinage) or invitation to repent. This was a ‘counseling’ session after the woman had already rejected abortion, not in the prior stages where some discretion might have been justified in order to save the baby’s life, but after that when the woman was getting regular material help from the center (diapers, formula, clothes, references to and sometimes mediation with state welfare services). It was just a mishmash of liberal buzzwords about avoiding abuse and building self esteem and so forth. I couldn’t believe it, because the ‘back of the house’ had a 24 hour adoration chapel (where we were forbidden to take clients), you couldn’t walk for tripping over statues and holy cards and candles and everything Catholic. But for the women clients in the ‘front of the house,’ nothing Catholic. The head of the counseling center was the wife of a deacon and big Vatican II promoter.

    Well, what I did was get lots of TAN books (cheap and traditional, mostly editions printed before the Council) and go out to the abortuaries by myself, my own little Catholic mission with the books in a portable display made of a wicker tray. I quit helping at the center, and I told them why. I also authored a free pamphlet with Catholic advice, me and another sidewalk counselor, for distribution at the abortuaries. I have it on my blog. It does give directions to the crisis center (because they do help with material things).

    You could do something similar and not wait for ‘the next pope,’ as that might be a very long time. I don’t think we should be rude, but I don’t think we should be passive either. We can fight back by making sure the Faith is presented in its purity. And of course you could support SSPX, go to a chapel, donate. It’s a a desert life, but not wandering.

  3. I found out long ago, to my huge disappointment, that there is no SSPX chapel closer to me than at least a good half-day’s drive one way.

  4. IMAGINE all the People… NO Religion too!
    Everything an Atheist could want or desire….. That song says a lot about the pandering to the Left, from Francis!

    • Jesus often dined with sinners, but he never patronized them. Maybe things were somehow different in the slums of Buenos Aries. Let’s see if the gang of eight can bring some semblance of order to this sad situation.


      • Doug,
        We have to remember, the Pope is not Jesus!
        He is the Representative (The Vicar of Christ) to lead the Universal Catholic Church, by Apostolic Succession.
        He does not have, the same Divine qualities of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for he is Man!

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