Sow Vatican II, reap Francis.


We are being deservedly punished. We are being shown on our flesh the folly of our ways, because we were so blind and stupid we did not get that, to make one example for all, the Assisi gatherings – particularly the first – are blasphemy and abomination.

We collectively pay the price of our collective folly. We collectively deserve every mouthful of excrement this unspeakably unworthy Pope will thrust down our throats; feeling, no doubt, extremely humble as he does so, and reaping the lavish praise of all the wrong people, from perverted singers to abortionist organisations, and from liberal journalists to the holocaust-promoting President of the United States, who has just joined the long list of his fans.

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  1. As I have read this and also other who are saying the same thing. What can I do to help turn things around. I spoke with a person a Church about this. They told me we cannot worry with it God moves on.

    • Dear Mike,

      We remain obedient while standing up as faithful witnesses to the objective, divine truths of our Catholic faith. There is no sin in that. Continue to pray and study – and remain fully and faithfully engaged in all of the work, worship, sacraments and devotions of the Catholic Church. “Worry” is never a good thing. “Concern” is more realistic. Faith and hope in Jesus Christ and his grace is the reality – and the fact – no matter who might be leading the church. Fraternal correction in the love of Christ is and has always been the way, for Catholics. Personal holiness and sanctification for the salvation of souls remains our goal – by God’s grace and by our rational, free-will response/cooperation. Hence, our site motto, “God loves you. God will provide. Relax!” It has always been and will always be so. Thank you for commenting. May God bless you and yours and grant you wisdom, fortitude and peace.


      • Thanks once again for your words of Comfort and Courage. This is my third year as a Catholic. And as you told me a year or so ago. This year I get to help with RCIA. Thanks Your Brother In Christ Mike C.

  2. Did you ever see the videos, of Assisi, the Abomination, of Catholic Gatherings. It took Ecumenism, to a level, where Satan himself, was Delighted! How many Catholics, have seen this on YouTube?

    • I saw it. I doubt many Catholics have. These guys seem to have everything bass-ackwards!


  3. Cathy and Doug,
    Very sad that Assisi should be the place that seems to upset you both? Catholics are true followers of Christ like St Francis and Pope Francis. We also nowadays reach out to Non Catholics and Non Christians and at places like Assisi we come together to Pray annually for the World and respective others.
    I do not think Satan is pleased with this although he is delighted with Catholics that assume others are less than themselves before God. Satan delights in causing harm and spreading disquiet anywhere and like the wicked even in the Church that say LORD LORD but deny Christ in their hearts (such as the author of the original article above in their horrible words against Our beautiful and Holy Pontiff)
    I do not agree that Christ is defeated at Assisi rather the devil is confounded and it is almost shocking that Catholics should regard otherwise!

    • Scampy2,
      Do you think the Wiccans, of this world, have converted to Christianity—after Assisi?
      No, No, No!!!
      They have grown in Strength and Number!
      Even in my Medium-Large size city, there are stores for Wicca and places for Worship. Our Military allows for these Services!

      Assissi, just validated their Wicked Existence……Hey, the Pope, allowed Us (Wicca) to worship Satan,….I’ll Conjure Up A Big Thank You!!!

      I saw a Video, of the Chief satanist comparing His Blood Sacrifice, to the Catholic Mass, and Laughing Out Of Control and saying ” They are Just Like Us!”. Beyond Abomination! Satan has his Counterfeit Trinity, he has always wanted to be God, and deceives man. his Trinity is Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet.
      It sickens me to write these words!

      • Correction : The Pope did not allow the Satanist to worship….but by allowing their presence…he validated their Religion!

      • To All that believe there is No Condemnation for False Religions, who do not believe in Christ…..SEE JOHN 3:18!

        How could that be misinterpreted???

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