Were St. Ignatius of Loyola alive today, he wouldn’t recognize Francis as a Jesuit. He might not even recognize him as a Catholic.

Under spirit-of-Vatican-II-style attitudinizing, the world enlightens the Church, not the Church the world.

Anyone who is familiar with the cocky clichés of lightweight, dilettantish modern Jesuits will understand the import of this interview and hear all of its dog whistles: the praising of the late heterodox Jesuit Carlo Maria Martini, the politically correct sniffing at St. Augustine (“He also had harsh words for the Jews, which I never shared”), the condescension to saints of the past as products of their unenlightened times (as if Francis is not a product of his liberal times and liberal religious order; self-awareness is evidently not part of his “humility and ambition”), the Teilhard de Chardin-style jargon (“Transcendence remains because that light, all in everything, transcends the universe and the species it inhabits at that stage…”).

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  1. “Were St. Ignatius of Loyola alive today, he wouldn’t recognize Francis as a Jesuit.”

    Or, as Yogi Berra might put it: “If Ignatius were alive today, he’d be spinning in his grave about Francis!”

    Hey, it’s either laugh or keep crying over this. Above all: Pray!

  2. Back briefly but I see our favourite one line commentator is still spouting his usual drivvle!

    Well for his and the writers information; St Ignatius is ALIVE today and in Glory in Heaven! Unlike the critics of Our great Pope Francis that are as Dead as Rocks!
    St Ignatius is delighted and well pleased with Pope Francis and I may add he is most displeased with the rebellious idiots that constantly shows themselves in poor understanding by disregarding the Lawful Leader of the Church on Earth.

    The article is the typical rubbish spouted on by ignoramuses that have no idea what they are talking about but wish to fan Anti Catholic balderdash as if it was History! Disgraceful!


    Alas I will not be back to see how my words this time twisted by that serpent to make it appear oh so proper against the truth I proclaim above. May God forgive you!!

    • It’s often nice to be someone’s “favourite.” Not sure about here, though.

  3. Why are people so nasty? Did humanity ever had such a human Pope? He truely represents Jesus Christ in his words and deeds. Those who attack him should examine their hearts whether there is lack of love there and allow Jesus Christ to look there. His look surely will help them to recognize in the leader of the Catholics the likeness of Jesus

    • Clement, speaking only for myself: I do not attack the Pope (ad hominem). I bewail his words and actions, while praying for the man.

      Perhaps your question “Why are prople so nasty?” was prompted by the attitudes expressed in the second comment of this thread.

      • If anyone is NASTY then it is you Mark! You are fine at taking one liners and twisting them, corrupting their meaning to facilitate your own agendas. Well like Satan In Scripture before Our Lord you are neither Christian nor Correct!
        Every time I come back here I find that you will whimper on about your support to the Pope (like the SSPX) whilst you spare no time in offering a critique of everything he says or does. Catholic? You are not Sir.
        Your statements are those of a hypocrite and wicked with not a shred of either intellectual merit or Charity you corrupt the logs and claim oh so sycophantly that you are merely praying for the Holy Father to wake up to the realities of the World! You sir are a disgrace!

        No doubt when I am not here to reply my words may be twisted and you will present a wounded self as somebody that really (and quite unintentially) is upset. You cannot be nasty as the abused commentator and just attempt to present the truth as you see it?

        Like the Nazis, the Pharisees or the Fallen Angels! You are a disgrace to everything you claim to defend. Disgaceful!

    • Jesus never made a single misstatement or error, in word or in deed. Pope Francis has lately been going out of his way to do so. The fact that Pope Francis represents the Catholic Church and is responsible to God for his actions makes the strange things he says even more serious and problematic. So, you’re absolutely right! As the old saying goes, “To err is human…”


      • Doug,
        odd comment by you? As you know the Pope whomever he is does not represent The Church! Popes as Bishops of Rome and rightful successors of St Peter lead the Church militant. Every Bishop and lay person attempts to adhere to their direction because they are in essence akin to a Captain of a Ship! The Ship being the Catholic Church. Popes are not the Ship they are merely Captains of it.
        This means that the Bishops and clergy are all sworn to OBEDIENCE to the Pope. When they are disobedient they break away from the Ship. (you understand the metaphor of a Ship is a Historical one and still used by Christians worldwide today, it is obviously not literal) If they mutiny they are guilty of creating a schism or full blown heresy. They cannot still follow the Pope even when they swear fidelity. They cannot serve the order of the pope and then choose to ignore his authority. That is Disobedience and in faith is against Jesus whom was “obedient unto death”. As you know perhaps? Disobedience is as the angel shows Bosco the primary reason for the angelic fall. It is always in error and as St Pio reminded his devoted followers NEVER acceptable against Mother Church even if the Church behaves with a hard hand and scolds the faithful!
        Pope Francis therefore is most definitely answerable to God (indeed as Pope he must answer to his King as much as his father . .something that made John Vianney shred copious tears as to his own fate) and we should all pray for him BUT as Catholics we must also OBEY and DEFEND and SUPPORT his pontificate. Whether we personally agree or disagree is utterly irrelevant! What we understand or otherwise is Utterly Irrelevant! OBEDIENCE means we are obedient even when sinful hypocrites and others spin their sham religion and cry LORD LORD. We shall have nothing to do with their disobedience because it is a false dawn and will only lead to damnation. We shall DEFEND our Pope, right or wrong? in our own puny minds his standing is irrelevant! He is the POPE the true Leader of the Ship appointed by GOD the Father, Loved by GOD The Son and Inspired by GOD the Holy Spirit. We shall love and defend this most great man and if we are incapable of growing to love him thereby, despite our prayers than that is our error and not his! We have no option, it is not something we can take or leave it is a requirement of our Salvation in Faith and Charity that we SUPPORT our legitimate Pontiff. If we fail in Obedience we may be damned, if we fail to Support and defend our true apostolic Leader, the Captain appointed by God to lead the ship where he wills then we many be damned because we have lost our faith in Gods Only Son and his refuse to believe in his Spirit.
        So I think that whist we agree that he is human and errs often (historically the Popes have been more sinners than saints) we must not become bogged down with thought that lead us into temptation and disobedience and the sweet smells of sinful gardens that are a mirage of Satan and turn us from the pope.

      • Our primary obedience is to Jesus Christ and his objective truth. The mission of the Church is to go out into the world, teach (clearly and accurately) and baptize, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. That mission has never changed. When someone in authority publicly steps up and begins to preach otherwise, it automatically becomes our mission as Catholics to publicly correct his errors. Pope Francis has lately been causing confusion and scandal in the Church (and the world) through his strange rhetoric and careless tactics. God is not the author of confusion, so correcting such things cannot possibly go against God. If nobody steps up to help reign in such behavior, there’s no telling what amount of damage might eventually be done. This pope is clearly making some bad choices – choices which seem in part, to be based on his own somewhat defective or incomplete Catholic theology and ecclesiology. It’s not just a matter of “style”! Somebody has to do something to set the record straight. So why not you and me? This is not done out of malice, but out of charity and fellowship. It is a shame and a scandal that it has become necessary, but it is necessary, none the less!


    • Clement,
      Alas Dougs blogs are usurped by people that follow organisations such as the SSPX that claim fidelity to The Pope yet are total hypocrites and despise the Holy Father.
      To them the Man (indeed all popes from John 23rd todate) is a fraud and in error because he and the Second Vatican Council have somehow best known to their own heretical agenda forgotten Church History and fallen into chaos. There are some here such as Mark whom have grown increasingly nasty towards my own comments because as a member of the One Holy and APOSTOLIC church I remind them that Pope Francis is the POPE legitimate and rightful successor of St Peter and his critique is nothing short of heretical clap trap! That the Council is as Paul 6 noted “The Will of The Holy Spirit” and thereafter any critique is an UNFORGIVEABLE sin as Jesus warned his Apostles.
      I am tied down for much of this month and can not give the full rebuke to these schismatics and heretics that they deserve but be of good cheer for the great majority of Catholics (99.9% of the 1.4 billion world wide) are aginst these frauds as well.

      • Lets refrain from making unsubstantiated assumptions. If Francis was not the legitimate pope I wouldn’t be at all concerned about anything he chooses to say or do. It is because he is truly the pope that I am legitimately concerned and actively engaged. As for you, Scampy22 – we all love you, without qualification or reservation – as does our Lord Jesus Christ – even if our love of your particular point of view may not always be quite as pure! Please keep that fact constantly foremost in your mind.


  4. If brevity is the soul of wit, might its opposite—protracted, dyspeptic bloviation—characterize the soul of a nitwit?

    Not to be nasty, or anything…

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