“Smart” Francis corrects “Stupid” Francis


Giotto’s fresco depicting St. Francis’ Trial by Fire. The musloids are on the left, slinking away. Apparently this was all a terrible mistake on St. Francis’ part. He should have merely “encountered” the musloids in a spirit of “dialogue” and listened to their lies and then declared that they should all engage in good works and “meet each other there”. Because, you know, there isn’t a “Catholic God”, and the god the musloids believe in is the same as the Triune Godhead, or something. And God Himself being Goodness Itself, and good and evil being whatever the individual “conceives” them as being, “God” is whoever or whatever the individual says He, She or It is. Thank “god” we have Smart Francis today to correct all of the errors of Stupid Francis of Assisi.

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  1. Here we go again on Doug Lawrence JAFC. Here is yet another huge misunderstanding and vile misrepresentation, fomented by a disobedient renegade who dares to call herself a Catholic.

    Can’t anyone see that?

    • And I suppose you are the self appointed ultimate judge of who is and who is not a Catholic……Dissention is not allowed in your ultimate all knowing universe. Thank you for exposing all the facts to back up your claim Mr. Higdon….there is a special place in my heart for people such as you.

      • Mr. O’Neil, I suggest you read a few of my other posts to get a better idea of my orientation as a Catholic. I may have unintentionally misled you here. If not, and you “got” my comment above, never mind.

      • Anyone baptized into the Catholic Church (and not subsequently excommunicated) remains a Catholic. What we tend to deal with on this site is whether the actions of the current church leadership remain consistent with their baptismal and priestly commitments, according to the legitimate consensus of Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium. Now – you two – go play nice!


      • OK, Dad: consider me chastized…for now.

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