Homosexual activists: We demand your complete approval and cooperation – or we’ll ruin your life and your business!

…as of this writing, there have been at least 11 instances of wedding vendors and venues facing some form of recrimination—threats, boycotts, protests, and the intervention of state or judicial authorities—because they denied services for gay nuptials because of their faith.

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  1. To discriminate, or be discriminating, once connoted good judgment and, in some cases, virtue. In the post-civil-“rights” era, the word has become a blanket pejorative, fueled and perpetuated by cynical politics.

    The fundamental—I daresay constitutional—right that was the unintended(?) casualty of the the 1964 Civil Rights Act and its legislative/regulatory progeny is freedom of association.

    The marketplace and the churches had a much better chance of ending racial bigotry without onerous laws and regulations that punished and crushed the innocent (e.g. destruction of the black family and most of its ethnic communities) along with the guilty (e.g. posters of “no blacks allowed”). Furthermore, as we see in the linked article, the same politicized social engineering that was exerted against racial bigotry has been applied, with a vengeance, to discrimination against homosexuality: which (i.e. the discrimination) should not only be legal, but socially acceptable and approved.

    Once again, government has sown the wind, reaped the whirlwind and—following its very nature—continues to sow even more wind ad infinitum. And the American electorate continues to elect and reelect the very agents of our country’s destruction.


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