Beatified: 522 people — mostly priests and nuns — who were killed in the turmoil that led to Spain’s civil war.

The beatification, the last step the Roman Catholic church takes before declaring sainthood, was conducted by Cardinal Angelo Amato in an outdoor ceremony attended by thousands in the northeastern Tarragona region. Pope Francis gave a brief address via a teleconference link to the congregation, which included almost 4,000 relatives of those being beatified.

So far, the church has beatified in several similar events more than 1,500 people killed during Spain’s worst period of internecine strife in the 20th century.


More about the Spanish Civil War

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  1. Well and good for these who sacrificed their lives for the Lord to be honored by the Church. However why, after so many centuries, must “Little Margaret” continue to languish in canonization limbo, despite the overwhelming evidence in support of declaring her a saint?

    No doubt she, in her well-documented humility, would eschew undue haste for her cause (as, I am confident, would Mother Teresa). I—and countless others, on the other hand—say: “Enough already! Give her the honor she deserves!”

    Unlike those of two recent popes—the purpose of which is to “canonize” Vatican II—Blessed Margaret’s cause is utterly without political taint.

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