Must see: Extraordinary video provides truthful, common sense answers to some of the Bible’s most intriguing mysteries.


Watch the 11 minute video

No smoke. No mirrors. Just a simple, totally “orthodox” explanation of key Old and New Testament Scriptures and the divine connections between the Bible, Jesus, Mary, the Evangelists, the Early Church Fathers, the constant teachings of the Catholic Church, and the authentic beliefs and practices of the Christian faithful.

Most people have probably never heard, read, or seen this information before – but it’s all true and it’s all right there in the Bible, for anyone to plainly see.

Watch the 11 minute video

Additional study:

The Passion Behind the Passion – Chapter 11 (pages 107-123)  PDF Document

Blessed Virgin Mary (PowerPoint Slide show)

Legion of Mary

Submitted by Jola S.


  1. Doug,
    Why in Genesis 3:15, so different, in Bibles?
    The video clip and Bibles ( Other thanJesuit ) say that He Crushed the Snake(Satan) as opposed to She crushed the head of the Snake?
    The statues of Mary have her, standing on the Snake. For my First Communion, I received a Mary Statue, which amazed me, seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary, standing on a Serpent!
    Can you give thIs Catholic, a simple explanation?
    I enjoy your Teaching, of the Catholic Faith!
    Thank You

    • Dear Cathy,

      Thank you for commenting. I will publish an article on this subject within the next 7 days and in it, I will attempt to specifically address each one of your questions.



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