Interview with fired Radio Maria journalist who criticized Pope Francis’ ambiguous pronouncements, objective philosophical and doctrinal errors.


We speak to each other as fellow journalists: We discuss the classic case of a non-message.

Here are two baptized Catholics who have heard for months what the Pope says and for months experienced discomfort, while that’s obviously what they hear are very large steps away from what the doctrine says.

At the end, after all, it is their job to write and comment, write and comment on them. Thus, it provides not only a basic rule of information, but also the Church law.

The letter to Scalfari, the interview with Scalfari, the interview with the Civilta Cattolica , are only the most recent, glaring examples. They went around the world, they led to calls for revolution, they amazed thousands upon thousands of Catholics, and thus souls, and no one has something to say?

There’s much more

Editor’s note: The U.S. Secret Service trains its agents to identify counterfeit money by making absolutely certain that those agents are able to successfully identify, describe and enumerate all the various characteristics of genuine U.S. currency, because when you know the real thing, even the best of the counterfeits is relatively simple to identify.  

Similarly, a Catholic who knows God and thoroughly knows all the authentic teachings and precepts of the Catholic faith instantly “alerts” when anyone – even a pope – proposes something which fails to pass the “smell test”.

The modernists and liberals who have been running the Catholic Church for the last half century have done their best to dumb-down the Body of Christ through incomplete, incompetent, ineffective and otherwise, exquisitely poor catechesis, so it’s no wonder that so many of today’s Catholics seem to be thrilled with what Pope Francis has been saying and how he has been saying it.

Alessandro Gnocchi is nothing less than a modern day martyr (witness) and true defender of the Catholic faith. Where are all the others?   


  1. As I read this post, I am listening to John Vennari’s latest interview. What is there to add? Dear Lord, save us! In spite of the errors and chaos emanating from Your Church’s temporal “leaders.”

  2. I rely on the Pope to set the standard when it comes to moral issues. He seems to just blend in with worldly opinions that have a lot of gray area when he speaks. Where are some leaders who have the courage to call out Evil and to call the Devil the Devil. We know the world will not do this, remember, the biggest trick the Devil ever did was to convince people he did not exist. This disease is called “tolerance.” Peaceniks preach tolerance I am sick of it!
    Eddy Kubena

    • Eddy,
      You are SOooooo Right! Our Pope should ONLY have a Christian World View, NOT a Worldly View! He, should only conform to Christ. Like all of Us Believers!
      Yes, the Problem, with our Modern World, is the non-belief there Is a Devil, who’s chief mission is to Rob, Kill, or Destroy! This Great Deceiver/Liar preys on ppl who really don’t follow Christ, Hypocrits!
      Avoid the Devil, and he won’t MESS with you!
      Don’t believe in his lies!….same sex-marriage, abortion, on & on!!! Scripture and Tradition of the Church Fathers give us the Template of How We Should Behave….following Christ, Our Lord!

  3. Read Malachi Martin, Jesuit advisor at Vatican II, about the philosophy of the Vatican since that time.

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