Canadian pro-lifers “think outside of the box” to stay within the law and foil baby-killers.

Protesters from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical reform have been demonstrating in Hamilton for about a month. Some of those protests involve hanging a banner over the Linc with the slogan “abortion kills children” and a bloody photo of a fetus.

But protesters aren’t attaching the banner to any city property — instead, they’re tying the banner to their bodies and standing next to the edge of the overpass. That technicality ties the city’s hands, says Ward 7 Coun. Scott Duvall.

“We were hoping to get them on the sign by-law, but they are not hanging these signs on public property, they are attaching the signs to their bodies,” Duvall told CBC Hamilton.

See the sign


  1. Applause from me for this creative, non-political initiative. Once upon a time, I drove a CBER truck in my area.

    That said, years ago I withdrew my support for the American Center for Bio-Ethical Reform because of the very public political support by one of its principals for war criminal and mass murderer George W. Bush: who claimed to be “pro-life.” Perhaps I should revisit the organization on this side of the border to see if its ethics are now more consistent.

    • Bush demonstrated his pro-life position by making a phone call to the annual Washington DC March for Life and stating his support. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity – in Washington, DC – that rates about 8 out of 10. The real test of Bush’s position was when the Republicans failed to outlaw abortion when they were in control of the White House, as well as both houses of Congress.


      • Bush—the “decider” who easily ordered the unconstitutional, unprovoked and murderous invasion and destruction of Iraq et al., at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives—professed helplessness before a monster FL state judge as his excuse for not saving the innocent life of Terri Schiavo. Does anyone doubt that the local thugs (aka cops) blocking Terri’s rescuers from the hospital would have stood down immediately when faced with armed federal agents dispatched to stop the process of her murder?

        It is also notable that Bush fan-boy Fr. Frank Pavone gave his idol a complete pass on this failure, as well as on his massively-lethal foreign “policy.”

        This is the kind of politician that NRTL and its affiliates readily and eagerly endorse. It’s all about “winning” enough elections to keep the fund-raising stoked so that more elections can be “won,” and on and on ad nauseam et infinitum. And the politicians are only too willing to participate in the perpetual scam.

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