Catholic Church “caves” to Canadian provincial government on homosexuality. Accepts censorship.

WHITEHORSE, Yukon, Oct. 18, 2013 ( – The Catholic Diocese of Whitehorse has obeyed an order by the Yukon government to remove Church teaching on the sinfulness of homosexuality from its policy on pastoral care for same-sex attracted students in its publicly-funded Catholic schools.  Critics have pointed out that even in the title of the new policy, the ‘truth’ has been removed.

The original policy contested by the government was called ‘Living with Hope, Ministering by Love, Teaching in Truth.’  The new policy title reads: ‘One Heart: Ministering by Love.’

The original policy, published in the spring of 2012, sparked opposition from media, homosexual activists, and some citizens in the town of 20,000 last spring because it expounded the Catechism’s teaching that homosexual acts are “gravely depraved” and the homosexual inclination is “objectively disordered.”

The controversy culminated in then-Minister of Education Scott Kent sending a letter to Whitehorse Bishop Gary Gordon in which he effectively told the bishop that Church teaching on homosexuality was barred from publicly-funded Catholic schools because it violates the equality provisions of Yukon law.

Bishop Gordon, who also serves as the diocese’s religious education director, agreed to draft a new policy, which he released in July.

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Editor’s note: Heroic virtue in the Catholic bishopric? Not so much!


  1. “Heroic virtue”? About as heroic as that demonstrated by Republican members of Congress. Boehner said “We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win.” St. Paul must be ROTFLOL about that. In re the Canadian bishops, he is surely finding no humor.

  2. Bishop Gordon forgot to wear his Breastplate of Righteousness!
    St. Paul, would have admonished him, for Not….Putting On The GOOD FIGHT & THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD!

  3. A bishop who has steadfastly refused to allow secular dogma in Catholic schools, has produced a policy consistent with Catholic teaching, and has been flayed for two years by government, media, and parents, hardly deserves to be accused of “caving in” and “obeying the government.”

    The new policy calls all students to chastity and refuses to categorize them as gay or straight. It points out that the Church’s teaching on homosexuality is a development and extension of its teaching on human sexuality. It places the topic of homosexuality “within the broader context of the meaning and purpose of human sexuality and points all students toward chastity.” It cites the Catechism and other Church documents on same-sex attraction.

    Faithful Catholics, Christians and people of good will should rally around Bishop Gordon and support him in his stance against a pro-gay juggernaut from government, media and even some parents as he is attacked for producing a document that, rather than being a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal, was framed in charity.

    • Well-stated and argued, Mr. Schratz. I will not pursue any debate henceforth. Rather, let me highlight the phrase…

      “…publicly-funded Catholic schools…”

      In that condition lies, perhaps, the root of this post’s topical evil and of many others. Similar ill effects can be found on this side of the international border.

      Simply put, when one lies down with dogs, one gets up with fleas. In Canada, the US and throughout the world, the abiding principle and clarion call should be: Separation of School and State!

      The late founder of the organization just linked was a personal friend whose legacy and fight live on. On this page, one can find the names of Catholic notables who have signed the proclamation at the top. (This Catholic non-notable’s name is buried somewhere among tens of thousands of other signatories’.)

      I invite all readers of this comment to follow my links and investigate.

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