Chicago experience shows that closely watching groups which take CCHD money gets good results

When a statewide immigrant-rights coalition endorsed same-sex marriage this past spring, 11 groups were given a stark choice by a Roman Catholic anti-poverty program: Leave the coalition, or lose their Catholic funding.

Eight of the groups decided to stick with the Illinois Coalition for Immigration and Refugee Rights. Another group broke with both. All told, the nine groups gave up grants totaling nearly $300,000 from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development…

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Editor’s note: The opportunity for corruption and scandal in these types of (CCHD) endeavors is so huge, it’s time the Catholic Church got out of this business, entirely. Has no one in the Catholic Church heard of the principle of subsidiarity? Let the parishes do these things, in their own neighborhoods – and let the local bishop remain responsible for seeing to it that the parish operates according to appropriate, authenticly Catholic standards and principles. If that fails, people ought to simply quit giving them money, at all!


  1. The “principle of subsidiarity”? Uh, what’s that? Is that where Holy Mother Church turns, not last, but first to the gubmint as a surrogate wife to submit to the charitable imperative of Our Lord?

    Some protestant sects call the Catholic Church the “Whore of Babylon.” Unfortunately—in the US, at least—She tends to be the “Whore of Washington.”

  2. We are part of the Unfaithfulness, taking$ from Government! ( As Mark would say, The Gubmint!)
    Let’s see, Taking $ , For services, not from our marriage partner Bridegroom(Christ)….sounds a bit like Prostitution!

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