Scandal of the week: Retired Catholic priest officiates at two New Jersey homosexual “weddings”

According to USA Today, gay marriage (in New Jersey) officially became legal at midnight and several couples made sure that they were among the first to get married.

Councilwoman Amy Quinn and partner Heather Jensen were married in Asbury Park with another couple, Steven Brunner and Daniel Baum, in a joint ceremony. “I think it’s wonderful,” the Rev. Thomas Pivinski, who officiated the two weddings, said. “I am just very grateful that the state has recognized the equality of all people.”

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Editor’s note: Retired or not, somebody (the local bishop) needs to have a serious talk with Rev. Pivinski. Anyone want to bet whether or not the pope calls him?


  1. Retired Fr. Pivinski, may be suffering, with Senile Dementia, because he insulted his Church and the Omnipotent God of the Universe!
    This is larger than a “Scandal”…he has set a precedent, for Liberals, to start Lobbying in the Church, for acceptance of Homosexuality!

    Right now, I am teetering on the edge, for things are looking positive , for the abominable agenda! Pope Francis has given the Homosexual Community a glimmer of Hope!

  2. “Scandal of the week…”

    Indeed, they seem to be occurring that often and regularly. Let their frequency and escalating egregiousness not lull us into a complacent acceptance of, or resignation to, the banality of evil in our own society and—deplorably—our Church.

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