High school giving a confused biological teenage boy full access to teenage girls’ bathrooms.

story broken last week by Pacific Justice Institute and picked up by media outlets around the world has inspired near-panic among transgender advocates who have now begun their own counter-campaign in an attempt to divert attention away from the story.

PJI sent a legal demand letter to Florence High School, near Colorado Springs, raising serious questions and concerns about the school’s decision to allow a boy who sometimes identifies as female to have full access to female bathrooms on campus.  PJI represents students and their families whose privacy rights are being violated by the school’s decision.




  1. To repeat myself (see fourth comment here): “Separation of School and State!” Parents who don’t want to deal with this kind of state-sponsored criminal and immoral assault on their kids must opt them out of government schools and schools that are beholden and accountable to the government.

    Read all about it.

  2. Please note that this story is false. PJI fabricated the story and then leaked it to the press. See following link for a retraction:

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