There hasn’t been a disastrous roll out like Obamacare, since the end of the Second Vatican Council.


A pair of  colossal “train wrecks”!

by Doug Lawrence

Both were liberal political fantasies which aimed to replace perfectly good, workable systems, unequaled in both efficacy and objective truth, with untested, unworkable, pie-in-the-sky, progressive ideologies and practices, no matter the cost or consequences!


  1. “Both…aimed to replace perfectly good, workable systems, unequaled in both efficacy and objective truth (emphasis added)…”

    Sorry, but this analogy just won’t stand up. Government has seriously warped the delivery of health care in the US at least since the price-control days of WWII, when “fringe benefits” (including health insurance) were the only legal workaround that gave workers more to show for their labor after their wages had been frozen. This policy tied the majority of health care coverage to employment, with consequences—both intended and unintended—that have compromised the medical marketplace to this day.

    Then came the “Great Society” programs of the 60s—Medicare and Medicaid—as the next quantum leaps in the increasing stranglehold on health care by the government. The Prescription Drug benefit passed under Bush 43, by a majority-Republican Congress, jacked things up yet another story.

    In other words, Obamacare is simply the latest increment in a 70-year-long continuum. It did not break a good system, for that was already well on the road to ruin.

    Vatican II, on the other hand, was an abrupt and extreme breach with—and betrayal of—a past that had worked well, and that still was working well.

  2. The old health system was “perfectly good” if you did not have a pre-existing condition. Change is inevitable in life. You either accept or you turn into old crabs. You take what you like and leave the rest for someone else’s taste.

    • Hundreds of thousands of people (likely millions, before it’s all over) had a pre-existing condition of being able to afford the health care coverage that they already had…until Obamacare required it to be cancelled and replaced with something “new and improved,” and unaffordable. So I guess it’s working for those poor souls.

  3. Folks,
    Can you not see, Obamacare is Planned not to succeed, in it’s current status……….The Plan is to make a Single Payer System, a Truly Socialized Medical System!
    We are all the same, totally dependent on the Nanny State, birth to death!
    The State becomes our god! (little g)

    I personally, was Denied Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions, Many decades ago. It was quite the monetary hardship…..but never the hardship, a Whole Nation Will Endure!
    Do Gooder Mentally does NOT equal Good Deeds for Christ. In fact these are Atheistic, Secular Ideas, straight from the Bottemless Pit!

    • Oh, I completely forgot the Vatican II comparison!
      I think, it was from another Pit!
      We won’t go there…..a March to a Secular World!
      Robed, in a Holy Masquerade, His Church Will Prevail, by the Blood of the Lamb, against Evil!
      The Last Book of the Bible gives us His Revealed Word!

  4. I cannot disagree more that the ‘old health care system’ worked. Not the least of my criticisms (there are many) is that I have two sons without any ‘coverage’, and that means, in the old system, that they could not get care, not even for money, because you could not, cannot, save your money and pay for care, tsince hey will not divulge prices on principle! On principle! Call Northwestern Hospital in Chicago and ask how much it is for a hernia operation. They will tell you it is their policy to not release those numbers. Then call all the rest. They won’t give you any numbers either but they are more obtuse in saying so. You have to give them a blank check, or a credit card. The only health care system that *works* is the one overthrown by the protestant rebellion, which happens to be the one that our very wonderful, singular Christian notion that all should have health care comes from-but it was situated in a Catholic confessional state and thus had an unshakeable respect for human life, human dignity, and human modesty, and of course it was free, funded by the unpaid labor of religious orders (as was education). No alternative will work, and the one that Obamacare seeks to replace didn’t work, either, for very many suyffering people. Nor will Obamacare, nor would a single payer system, because of secularism’s moral relativism. Health care simply cannot be profit-taking, nor based on moral expediency, nor was it ever, before the rebellion. There is no solution to the health care crisis in our secular societies, none whatsoever, and Catholics cannot act as if there is–it’s parallel to, equal to, the Americanist heresy. If health care works, then secularism and religious liberty work as well, they are in tandem. But even if logic fails, experience does not.

    • The bishops should listen to the likes of you, Janet. Instead, they beat the drums for a secular regime of “religious liberty” (a principle that the pre-conciliar Church held anathema), rather than for a return to the delivery of health care—wholly and holy—via the orthodox and independent agencies of the One True Church.

    • There was a Time and Place, for this Catholic Control of Health!
      It is Over & Out! We live in A Masonic, Multicultural Nation with 25% Catholic!
      Change Is Coming!!!

    • Having worked in parish Family Ministry for five years, I routinely contacted hospitals to work out care and payment arrangements for those without insurance and/or without money. We were never turned away and always received the necessary care. Even when very large bills were run up, we managed to arrange payments of as little as $30 per month, for however long it might take to pay off the bill, at zero percent interest. It was necessary to use certain hospitals, often with no choice of doctors, but people were well cared for. From that vantage point, it appeared to me that our health system worked. Certainly not perfectly – but reasonably effectively. Your mileage may vary. Thank you for commenting!


      • “…it appeared to me that our health system worked. Certainly not perfectly—but reasonably effectively.”

        Blessings upon you for your selfless and persistent efforts! That our health system appeared to you to “work” is—I have no doubt—despite overwhelmingly negative factors, and because of very few positives.

        Our hope, as we face the perfect storm aka Obamacare (See? He is capable of perfection!), lies in the endless ingenuity of people to create workarounds to the most byzantine and disastrous governmental Frankenstein monsters.

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