Henry Makow (and others) claim the Catholic Church has been run by impostors since 1958 – and there’s “proof”

siriThe man who was actually elected Pope in 1958?

To find out why the “Catholic” Church of today has become a sick caricature of the Catholic Church of two millennia we have to look back to the papal conclave of 1958. I believe the documentary posted here will provide the key to understanding what has happened.

At the center of the film is the election of the conservative prelate, Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, in 1958. What you will see in this section is a very clear emission of white smoke from the Sistine Chapel 2 days before the election of John XXIII. On this night 200,000 people turned to the balcony to see the new pope emerge on the balcony while news reports went out around the world that a new pope had been elected.

Vatican radio later announced that the white smoke was a mistake and that no Pope had been elected. In this section you will also hear the testimony of an FBI Consultant that claims there are FBI and State Department files which state that on this night Cardinal Siri was elected Pope and took the name Gregory XVII. In addition, former papal adviser Father Malachi Martin gives his testimony that Cardinal Siri was elected BUT RESIGNED UNDER THREAT to him and his family.

Text and video

Editor’s note: It may turn out that the leaders of the Catholic Church are either painfully inept and corrupt – OR – Mr. Makow may be right – OR – both!


  1. If he resigned, he resigned. Right?

  2. And here I had thought that the shortest modern papacy was that of John Paul I. Talk about conspiracy theories!

  3. Don’t Aways Look To (Conspiracy Theories, Being Wrong….That’s the PLAN!
    John Paul I, is still a Mystery, with NO AUTOPSY(Popes are not required, at death, to undergo an Autopsy!) His family, said, HE had No Medical History! Hmmmm

    • Cathy, just for the record: there was nothing in my comment to indicate that I dismiss conspiracy theories out of hand. On the contrary…

      • Mark,
        I really wasn’t addressing you, on the Conspiracy Theories.
        It is a total Blindness, in so many people…..especially dealing with the Church! When they say, a Catholic gives up his Will and Intellect….they MEAN IT!
        Sorry, if you thought, you were not open to CT’s, but I get tired of being called Paranoid, on certain subjects! 😦

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