What is ‘Roman Catholic Political Philosophy’?

‘A course in “Roman Catholic Political Philosophy” is rarely found in any academic institution, including those sponsored by the Church. We do find courses titled “Religion and Politics,” “Social Doctrine of the Church,” or “Church and State” — but “Roman Catholic Political Philosophy” is something different…’

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  1. Upon seeing the header of the neocon Acton Institute on the link, I knew I had gone far enough into this post.

    Over ten years ago, I dined with Fr. Sirico as he opined that the imminent US invasion of Iraq—which, even then, was plainly based upon a fabric of lies and demonstrably unjustifiable—might indeed be compatible with Just War theory. As Bush 43 was acquiring and wielding his absolute power as “the decider,” the whole idea of “corrupts absolutely” seems to have fallen off the institute’s radar.)

    How about this for a Catholic political philosophy: Stay out of—or at least well above—secular politics! To do otherwise risks untenable compromise in this world, and dire consequences in the next.

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