A cacophony of evil vs. the symphony of good.

In February 2010 Michigan pro-life activist Chris Veneklase decided to take a look in the trash dumpster used by the Woman’s Choice Clinic in Lansing.

He found the remains (below) of 17 aborted babies—killed at the clinic and tossed in the trash. The date of the abortion, and all of the names of the mothers were written on the medical baggies that contained the tiny dismembered human bodies of these children. They had all been aborted in January of that year and all in the first 10 weeks of gestation.

Chris Veneklase called me, the director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, as I have had extensive experience with the retrievals of aborted babies from clinic trash containers and the burials for these victims of abortion.

One of the things that I did was photograph the aborted babies Chris had found in the Woman’s Choice dumpster. Their photos are can seen here.

One of the photos was of a tiny arm and hand of a 7 week aborted baby, torn at the shoulder. This photo was printed in my book Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars, published in 2012 by Saint Benedict Press.

In the meantime, Mary Gilpin, the manager of a crisis pregnancy center in Milwaukee, had purchased a copy of Abandoned and kept the book at the CPC.

In October a woman came to the CPC intent on having an abortion. She justified her decision because she was only 7 weeks pregnant and was convinced that the baby was not formed yet, was not human, that “nothing was there”—thus she was not killing anyone!

Mary opened my book and showed her a photo (see right) that I had taken—a photo of one of the babies that Chris Veneklase had retrieved from the trash. The woman was immediately stunned by what she saw—a real hand of a real human being at 7 weeks gestational age!

The abortion-bound woman changed her mind against having the abortion—and her baby is alive today.

Text and (graphicly violent abortion) photos


  1. That “find” is absolutely dreadful! The horror of it is something from a B trash movie or to compare with the most wicked outrages of The Holocaust! It is beyond rational understanding that such things occur in any civilised society and show the veneer of culture is often very thin indeed! It is just a Pure wickedness to have committed such a murderous act without any human empathy and without a contrite act of contrition, those responsible will surely be condemned?
    Thank goodness that there are others that can stem this tide of evil but it is a grotesque caricature of Humanity that has propagated it in the first place.

    • Scampy22
      IMO, the photos of dismembered fetus Life, should be shown to every Female electing to get an Abortion!
      Maybe, this would curtail, sme of the abhorrent behavior, of destroying a God Given Life!

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