An extensive, well researched, open letter to Pope Francis re: Homosexuality in the Church and elsewhere

The Language of Gayspeak

When I first read your response to Scamparini (on the papal plane, coming back from Brazil – ed.) I must confess that my attention was not drawn immediately to the Ricca scandal, but rather to the fact that you used the term “gay” or “gay person” no less than five times.

On June 6, 2013, you allegedly made a private comment to the members of the Latin America Confederation of Men and Women Religious affirming the existence of a “gay lobby,” inside the Vatican, but the term was later reported with quotes. [2] Such was not the case this time round. I must assume that your unfortunate decision to use the politically correct language of gayspeakwas deliberate. In normal times this action might have been overlooked with a wink and a nod, but in wartimes it smells of treason and corruption.

The war of which I speak is the war being waged by faithful Catholics and other civilized men and women across the world against the forces of organized sexual perversion. These are the forces of the enemies of the cross of Christ “whose end” Blessed Paul the Apostle tells us “is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.” (Epistle. Philip. 3, 17-19). The Homosexual Collective, aka, La Lobby Gay, has long been aware that to control language is to control the way people think since we think in terms of words. The words we speak determine the thoughts we have. It is by controlling language, a form of Pavlovian conditioning, that the Collective seeks to change the dominant shape of reality.

Unlike the word, homosexual, or the more traditional term, sodomite, the word “gay” is used by the Collective and its sympathizers to denote a “consciously united resistance to homophobic and heterosexual deployments of power relations.” [3] It is the task of the Homosexual Collective to transform the homosexual or sodomite into a “gay” man, and to define, control and validate “authentic” homosexual identity and behavior and all other aspects of “gay” life.

“Homophobia” as Ideology

As a related aside, in recent public statements you have consistently condemned the substitution of “ideology” for true Faith going as far as to denounce “ideological Christians” who “simply recite the same prayers they’ve memorized,” (presumably this includes the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be, traditional prayers which we cradle Catholics learned at the knees of our parents and which are especially helpful at times of great crisis in our lives). Yet you seem totally oblivious to the use of ideology by the Homosexual Collective when it is presented right in front of your nose.

Case in point is your personal, hand written correspondence of June 2013 with the leadership of the Italian pro-homosexual group Kairos which is based in Florence.

In their initial letter to you, Kairos called for openness and dialogue, and noted that closure to discussion “always feeds homophobia.” [4] Although the official text of your correspondence has not been released, according to a Kairos spokesman, your letter contained a “benedictory greeting” or “blessing.” A second letter from the Vatican Secretariat of State confirmed that you “really enjoyed” the Kairos letter, despite the fact that it was filled with all manner of ideologies including that represented by the use of the word “homophobia.”

Like “gay,” the term “homophobia” is a construct and successful political catchword in the Homosexual Collective’s arsenal which has acquired a special function in the service of power.

Read more from Randy Engel


  1. As usual, Randy speaks Truth to power. That the power of the papacy needs a Truth-speaking-to is, perhaps, the saddest commentary on our times.

    No doubt, the full fury of the “gay” lobby will be visited upon her, along with the venom of many benighted, unconditional pope-worshipers.


  2. Not certain what a pope-worshipper is? Not certain of the rather disrespectful tone in the above letter to a Pope either?
    What is most in evident is that the Church is growing away from that exclusive organisation of a Pre Vatican two that left so many people out in the cold and FAILED to be an inclusive Church, a church that would latterly start to become inclusive. A Church founded by Jesus for Sinners and not the bigoted and irrational. The History of the Church in the world is full of grave mistakes wherein it has all-too-often been the exclusive organisation of the past and persecuted minorities in the name of Charity and Love!
    I have several gay friends and they are all silenced and respectful of Pope Francis. None are pope worshipers although they do understand (and appreciate) that all good catholics listen and follow what any Pope shall address them towards.
    To imagine that Our Lovely and great pope Francis is unaware of Catholic Truth or misled by a gay lobby is intellectual lunacy! I am not a pope worshipping freak but unlike some I remain loyal to the Church and its leaders.
    The ignorance displayed by R,Engel is both baffling in its insipid anti-papal rhetoric and rather annoying in its profound ignorance of what Pope Francis was actually suggesting. Francis does not bow to a gay lobby; although the psychological profile of a person such as Engel is always interesting in their vociferous homophobic attacks. In my experience for example often people that are so anti anything hides deep rooted problems that often betray in gay issues for example self doubt on their own sexuality. Obvious exampled cases for example in those that refer to anti jews that are often part jewish.
    In the light of such statements I will defer any complete comment on the sexual or moral preference of such anti papal commentators as their own hell seems to be punishment enough for them.


    • I have followed Randy Engel’s writing career for over a decade and I find her research to be consistently accurate, her conclusions typically valid, and her Catholic faith consistent with Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium. Cast the scales from your eyes and see! One day, the pope identifies a rampant, actively homosexual, high-level church official and cleric, who is, according to ample testimony and evidence, an embarrassment to the church and a scandal to the world. A few days later, Francis appoints that person to an even higher level position, saying he is incapable of judging such an essential lapse of basic morality and priestly chastity. Would any Catholic permit even their parish priest to persist in such behavior? Of course not! The Vatican “fix” is in! I suggest you read Ms. Engel’s piece once again. You obviously missed the entire point! Thank you for commenting.



      • I am sorry we are at such logger-heads over this “article” Doug. I am sorry because its implication is typical of the new Taliban Catholicism which is damaging the reputation of Mother Church.

        I again and somewhat respectfully remind you of Padre Pio’s fury at his “friends” that chose to defend him by attacking the authorities of the Church. Whilst he was subject to unjust rhetoric and censor by The Holy Office many of his friends saw it as an opportunity to vent this case and bring about their own agendas on the Church. The kindly saint however barked that they were not to do so as they themselves were in full sin and hardly able to throw stones on his beloved Mother Church as the Bride of Christ.

        In my experience often people that continue to rant against such things as homosexual behaviour as that over there . .committed by those people . .over there . .is little more than a disguise of their own behaviour. I pointed to the anti-jewish question typified by men such as Eichmann whom held that ancestry.
        Whilst you may be correct on PREVIOUS articles by this “author” I am afraid we must disagree absolutely on the above comment as I have reread it and quite frankly find it offensive to the Papal Dignity

        I am aware that you favour such leanings against the Modern Church (post V2) and that I am obviously quite pro in regard to these. If you desire that I should unsubscribe I shall quite understand but I am afraid as I say here I cannot and do not agree with the Engel conclusion on Mother Church and Our pontiff.


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