A good first step: YMCA Loses $60,000 Grant From Catholic Church After Refusing To Stop Working With Homosexual Marriage Group


Editor’s note: It’s about time the Catholic Church stopped supporting immoral and anti-Catholic causes, in the name of charity. As usual, those who have been accepting the money demand that “no strings” be attached. Then they agonizingly cry out to the world when the Church rightly refuses to go along. In this case, the issue was homosexual marriage.

The annual CCHD 2nd collection is coming up soon. Let’s do our part to totally eliminate these types of problems by finally eliminating all donations to the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development).

Better yet, organize your friends, family and local parishioners in order to become your very own “Catholic Charity” and fund your own favorite causes. Then you will have no more worries about glad-handed, bleeding heart, faux-Catholic  liberals (and their disinterested and/or complicit local bishops) handing your hard earned money over to anti-Catholic organizations, doing immoral things – something which has (unfortunately) been happening, throughout the United States, for (at least) the last fifty years!


  1. The YMCA is not now, nor has it ever been, Catholic. What in bleeding h*** right did it ever have to grants from Catholic charitable organizations? Oh, I forget: The granting organization is “Catholic”. As opposed to Catholic. Just as its mission of “human development” is humanist, not Catholic.

    How did we ever wind up in this sorry state of our Church? And how long is our sentence to stay in it?

  2. Y-M-C-A….it’s FUN to be in the YMCA
    Get yourself clean
    You can get a good meal
    You can do whatever you feel!!!!

  3. Um—let me get this straight….the Catholic Church will not grant money to those organizations which are not in line with dogma/belief/policy. I totally get that and support it. But when Catholic Charities do not receive money from the state because of the same dogma/belief/policy, the church closes their doors and claim to have been forced out of business, or forced to shut down. Hmmmmmmmmm……

    • The day that “Catholic Charities (or any Catholic organizations) do not receive money from the state”—for any reason, or for no reason at all—will be a day for Catholics to celebrate big-time.

      The state-dependent, prostitute-like policies and practices of the USCCB and US “Catholic” charitable organizations have long been the antithesis of separation of Church and state. It’s long past time for the bishops to get out of the government’s sordid bed and take a long, hot shower.

    • Allegedly Catholic organizations taking money from the government and then providing goods and services according to government policies puts the church in the position of being a servant to the secular government, something which is almost always a corrupting influence on the church. It’s also a willful and wanton violation of the 2nd Amendment, even when the church permits it. This type of thing has been going on for over fifty years, with multiple billions of dollars at stake. No wonder Obama and his minions – as well as many state governments – no longer have any respect for the Catholic hierarchy. We should be using Catholic money and manpower to accomplish the work of Catholic charities – and if there’s not enough of that available, we might work to enlist suitable partners – or simply recognize our limitations and be satisfied with smaller projects, smaller results, and less corruption.


      • Don’t you mean the 1st Amendment?

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