Australian Church Scandal Revelations: Unspeakably evil, incredibly incompetent – or both!


Look who’s smiling!

SENIOR Catholic Church leaders protected pedophiles, allowed them to keep offending and kept Victorians in the dark about the problem.

A Victorian parliamentary report is scathing of the church’s leadership prior to the 1990s, saying child abuse was trivialised and their protection of pedophiles meant abuse happened when it could have been avoided.

Archbishop Denis Hart apologised to victims and said previous responses to abuse cases were inexcusable, calling it the worst betrayal of his lifetime in the church.

“I fully acknowledge that leaders in the church made mistakes – these are indefensible,” he told reporters.

“I have to accept that church leaders in the past concealed crimes and caused other children to be offended against.”

The report gives specific examples in which former Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns and former Melbourne Archbishop Frank Little moved known sexual offenders between parishes without reporting them to police.


Editor’s note: In which Vatican II document is this particular subject addressed? In which Pagan temple, Jewish synagogue or Muslim mosque was Pope John Paul II hanging out, when all of this this was occurring?

This is just another in a long string of colossal moral failures, of epic proportions, by the post-Vatican II Catholic Church, for which there is no acceptable excuse. It must be most embarrassing for the hierarchy – especially Australian Cardinal Pell. No wonder the Pope doesn’t want to “obsess” about it!

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  1. This kind of corruption and coverup is indistinguishable from the kind found in virtually any Godless secular government/bureaucracy. The only difference is that sometimes, eventually, Church authorities admit wrongdoing. Even so, too little and way too late.

  2. The fact is that the Church has more than its share of deviant and sinful persons working under its light. Nothing new there as I stated earlier but what is new is that today a secular society is not willing to accept the cover ups that traditionally have followed these occurrences.
    We should not belittle the Second Vatican Council for these events however as that is just wanton stupidity! It is not the result of the Council and we cannot seriously suggest that Popes such as John Paul the second were responsible for the activity of bad clerics. Otherwise we shall find that we accuse Jesus because he did not mention such a thing at his Beatitudes nor in his mission general.
    However just in case anyone forgets we are reminded by such scandals that some people behave like Judas and choose by their ignorance to ask the Church for help and mercy and rely instead on their own wile.
    Hardly the most edifying moment in Church history but alas not that new either.

    • Vatican II was a liberal revolution within the Catholic Church that substituted faith in man for faith in God. So it was no mere coincidence that the various religious orders soon withered, the seminaries became corrupt, the priesthood became polluted with homosexual pederasts and the whole church suffered. The reason none of the post-Vatican II popes did anything about this was because – to a great degree – they shared and promoted the same revolutionary mindset and ideology. That is still the case with Pope Francis. Now we reap what they sowed, and it is a bitter harvest!


      • The Church has always held in its ranks paedophile priests. Any study of Medieval Monastic Living will often throw up Monks that behaved as if there was no tomorrow and lived unsavoury and unchaste lives both unbecoming to their order and their ideals.
        The point is that such bad living has always existed and V2 has therefore no roll at all in its production.
        Vatican 2 was not a Liberal revolution although there was a liberal explosion (after years of conservative abuse) in society generally after WW2 and bearing fruit in the age of the 1960s. The Council of the Church was a pastoral concern and allowed and was welcomed by the Church universally.
        (I note that in a small insignificant few Judas Iscariots that like some Medieval monks had forgotten their vows of Obedience etc, it was ridiculed. However the papacy and the Magisterium, the world wide Bishops authority etc understood and welcomed the Council) Therefore the Council and its later day Papacy has and continues to lead the Church well and in the Will of God. The constant self willed forgetfulness of those that choose to attack Mother Church and her Council is nothing short of anathema. The Pope as the law maker in the Church Militant is to be obeyed and protected from such wicked people that have quite frankly thrown their lot in with Satan himself!
        It is a matter of more than convenient faith it is a matter of honesty within the Church to be on our guard against those that hold disobedient and self willed opinions against the teaching or Council. The authority of the Council may not therefore be debated and it is a sin before God and his Angels to constantly whinge on about the Vatican Second Council as if it was a desert that could be consumed or rejected.
        Of course there remain many that under a false flag of Conservative tradition suggest that the Council was in error against the Spirit of God and therefore the Church has fallen into schism at best and open heresy at worse.
        To these self willed and rotten perjurers there is little we can do other than pray for their conversion because their stubbornness against Mother Church, the Papacy and the Authority of Christ, His Spirit and his Council is a scandal that surely reaches the height of Heaven. Woe unto them that criticise and sneer at mother Church, the Popes or the Bishops, its council or its Mission on the assumption that they retain the True Faith. In their self righteous and sinful attitude they are in grave error and in the refusal to accept the Council they are disobedient and disloyal traitors to Christ and his Church! Better they were not born than they continue in their high treason against God and His Spirit and His Church Council.
        They have become useless to Grace and with their closed minds and conceited souls they imagine they have some (“liberal”) right to constantly criticise Our pontiff or The Church Council. They do not!

        I am surprised and somewhat amazed though perhaps just sad really that you Doug imagine we are reaping some awful Church. Of course if you hold with the condemned view of the anti-Council people I have expressed above than such a view is understandable! I trust it is not however because I chose to believe that you are not in mortal sin and uneducated!
        Therefore I assume that this awful wind is merely a viewpoint of some (mainly American conservatives) that have not yet appreciated what Pope Francis desires in the Church today. In time I suspect you will come to realise that he is a very great pope and enjoys not just much of the Catholic and non catholics world admiration but Gods pleasure as well.
        Look after yourself Doug.

      • I am a man of faith, but I am also a pragmatist. Hailing from Chicago, I have learned to recognize damnable liberal politics, when I see it. After devoting more than fifty years to Catholic work, worship, study, prayer and observation, I can no longer, in good conscience, attribute the many grievous scandals, shortcomings, abuses and spiritual novelties of the worldwide Catholic Church, to God. That leaves only one alternative: man. And since the primary focus of the post-Vatican II Church was intentionally shifted from God to man, that is a perfectly rational position to hold. Perhaps things are different in your isolated portion of the globe.

        There is also no doubt that this is a relatively recent shift of opinion, on my part. Perhaps I’m just getting old and cranky. But I suspect not!

        Thank you for commenting. I truly appreciate it.


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