The gun-toting authorities from the local cops up to the Department of Justice are apparently standing at the beckon-call of the baby-killing professionals.

It’s time to write about the rest of the story when putative late-term abortionist Julie Komarow, M.D., sought a restraining order on your humble correspondent, one of the writers for this blog. This story includes a run-in with armed U.S. Marshals and a threat of federal charges including fines and jail time.

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  1. “The rest of the story”? Uh, I guess I already knew it, or at least could easily predict it.

    I hope that the LifeSite people realize that the current armed thugs of BHO and his stooge, Holder, have precedents from administrations that won the endorsement and votes of “pro-life” organizations. Anybody remember who was in charge when Terri Schiavo was being slowly and excruciatingly murdered? Both of their names was “Bush.”

    Nothing new to see here, folks. Move along…

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