A Reflection on the Modern Error of Preaching Mercy without Repentance


There are of course many ways of describing the pastoral, liturgical and theological struggles of our day. But one very simple way of describing current problems that touches on all these areas is simply this:  that a presumptive attitude of mercy without repentance is both taught and widely held by far too many modern Catholics, and other Christians. (Editor’s note: And evidently – certain Roman Catholic Popes.)

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  1. Repentance? Oh, that’s so pre-conciliar.

  2. There One Paramount Reason, for Repentance,not being used: Nobody wants to CHANGE!
    Hey, your Sins are absolved in Confession and at Mass, so just Do IT Again!!!
    If you REPENT, and Turn Away from your SIN……then you are Conforming to Christ (Living In The Spirit, instead of the Flesh!)
    For Many Catholics, this is unacceptable, in today’s culture.People want to Eat, Drink and Be Merry!
    Who cares about Changing?
    The Bible WARNS us….REPENT!

    • Indeed! Genuine contrition, along with a firm purpose of repentance is so important that it is impossible to make a good, valid confession without them. God will not be mocked!


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