Special Message from the Bishops of the United States: The disastrous “Seamless Garment Approach” is back – plus one more thing.


The bishops of this country have just concluded their traditional fall meeting in Baltimore and have spent time on issues important to them and their people: help to those suffering from Typhoon Haiyan; an update on the situation in Haiti; matters of worship and teaching; service to the poor; and comprehensive immigration reform. Among those priorities is the protection of religious freedom, especially as threatened by the HHS mandate.

Pope Francis has reminded us that “In the context of society, there is only one thing which the Church quite clearly demands: the freedom to proclaim the Gospel in its entirety, even when it runs counter to the world, even when it goes against the tide.”

We stand together as pastors charged with proclaiming the Gospel in its entirety. That Gospel calls us to feed the poor, heal the sick, and educate the young, and in so doing witness to our faith in its fullness. Our great ministries of service and our clergy, religious sisters and brothers, and lay faithful, especially those involved in Church apostolates, strive to answer this call every day, and the Constitution and the law protect our freedom to do so.

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  1. Once again, the Catholic bishops are pleading “religious liberty”: a secular principle that, prior to Vatican II, was held an anathema under the perennial magisterium of the Church. Error has no rights!

    Instead of being faithful to Her teachings and offering themselves as prisoners or martyrs, the bishops continue to “lawyer up” and play a losing game of politics.

    “As each bishop struggles to address the mandate…” What? What does that mean: “address” the mandate. That is one of the most vacuous political circumlocutions ever uttered.

    Is there no bishop anywhere preparing to defy the mandate and, by suffering the consequences, lead by example?

    As usual, I’m not holding my breath.

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