Meeting with Italian President displays Pope Francis’ heroic virtue (not)!


(Italian President) Napolitano, 88, praised the Pope’s “conception of the church and the faith,” which he said had impressed all Italians, “believers and nonbelievers.”

“We have been struck by the absence of all dogmatism, the distancing from positions ‘not touched by a margin of uncertainty,’ the call to leave ‘room for doubt’ characteristic of the ‘great leaders of the people of God,’” Napolitano said, quoting the Pope’s words from an interview with a Jesuit confrere published in September.


Editor’s note: The last time somebody praised the Pope’s remarks like this, they voted to make homosexual marriage legal in the State of Illinois.


  1. Given “the absence of all dogmatism,” can the absence of all dogma be far behind?

  2. Whether it is liked or not or regarded or not . .Pope Francis remains and is still showing that he is a remarkable pontiff and full of graciousness and kindness.
    The idea that he is a liberal pontiff is simply wrong and ignores the fact of his still early pontificate.
    I am sad that such heretical and I may add rather morally distasteful subject are picked up? A Bull Shit marker??? How very sad almost bordering on sin itself!!!!!
    Consider yourselves well rebuked!

    • This comment had me at “remarkable.” As for the rest of it…

    • The “BS” Meter was referring specifically to the words of the Italian President, as shown in the post. I have no suitable graphic – yet – representing modernist, community organizer popes promoting anti-Catholic masonic principles to unsuspecting, poorly catechized Catholics around the globe. Do you have any ideas for a symbol that would depict an unprecedented spiritual holocaust of mind-boggling proportions?


      • In view of the Bull Shit that so many commentators give on this Site .. How about an INVERTED CROSS?

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