Shades of Obamacare in the Catholic Church: The mass rejection by liberal Catholics of Vatican II’s core principles.


The left’s revolt arose from partisan politics. Since 2008 liberal Catholics have wedded themselves to the Obama campaign. But in January the president used Obamacare to coerce religious objectors to provide early-abortion inducing drugs and contraception.

Faced with a choice between their Council and their candidate, liberal Catholics chose the latter. After the president’s February 10 press conference attempting to quell public protest, “Catholics for Obama” have not missed a beat. Vice President Biden proudly defended the mandate entirely in last week’s debate. Pundits at venues like Commonweal magazine and theNational Catholic Reporter have followed suit, especially in endorsing the requirement that lay Catholics provide abortifacients and contraception.

This stands in stark contrast to Vatican II. The Council not only reiterated the Church’s teaching on sexuality, it also insisted on two principles irreconcilable with the Obamacare HHS Mandate: religious freedom, and the laity’s identity as “the Church.”

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Editor’s note: The liberals hate it and the conservatives hate it. How’s that for Catholic unity?


  1. Re Editor’s note: At first, I misconstrued the antecedent of “it.” Liberals hate Obamacare? Hell no! Liberals hate the HHS mandate? Uh, hell no!

    Then I realized the editor meant Vatican II was hated by both liberals and conservatives. Uh, no on that score, too. Irony needs a fundamental truth on which to base its humor. There is none here.

    Many, if not most, who consider themselves “conservative” Catholics believe in and defend the council. (The trads are another story.) Liberals could not care less about the council except when it supports their overall biases, which is most of the time. When the council speaks against one of those biases—as with Obamacare—liberals simply ignore or defy Church authority. Even the misbegotten and misinterpreted authority of V-II.

    • Now that I’m a little more awake, I realize there is a fundamental truth behind the editor’s irony: With few exceptions, both liberal and conservative Catholics love Vatican II.

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