Worker at an Albuquerque late-term abortuary tells undercover reporter that stabbing an unborn child’s skull with a needle is “the most humane” way to assure the baby’s demise.

The injection “is going straight into the sac, straight into the” – she pauses noticeably – “pregnancy.” Depending on how the baby is situated, the needle will pierce “the baby’s bottom” or, most likely, “through the head, the cranium.”

Text and video



  1. In Charity, and with a very hard swallow, I sincerely hope that no one ever considers this method as “the most humane” way to put that “unnamed counselor” out of his or her misery.

  2. Wendy Davis……Please Go Away, to a Secluded Island, with no means of ESCAPE! Live off, of the Cocoanuts…..and NO COMPANY, Just yourself and Cocoanut Trees!
    Get a Gorgeous Tan, and do No Damage, to others!
    Make some Pina Colada’s and forget Human Existence ( something your, opposed to!). 🙂

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