Chicago’s Cardinal George warns of same-sex marriage ‘consequences’.

“The Pope was not speaking about approving gay marriage. To use his words against his teaching, as they were used on the floor of the State House of Representatives of November 5, is less than intellectually honest,” George writes.

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  1. George lost me at “gays.” Once you adopt the enemy’s language, whatever arguments and points you make are compromised.

    • Agreed! That, plus ant Chicago politician I know will never be able to understand the Cardinal’s “high” prose.


  2. The problem with language is it is never written in stone but develops and moves. Anglo Saxon for example is totally ineligible or understood today by the population. In the same way the words we use often have various meanings and the word gay which was a good word for happy has in modern language developed into homosexual.
    Whilst some conservative authors may find this deplorable it should be stated or restated that many words used today are not there in their original Dictionary meaning. On the other hand words also have come to mean other pleasantries such as Earnest which in Victorian society had some very peculiar connotations!

    • The current prevalent “meaning” of “gay” is not the result of linguistic development or movement, but of usurpation in pursuit of political and “moral” agendae and leverage. “Homophobia” is a more egregious variation on this theme, since it is a purely political coinage. Both examples are all about raw power via control of language.

      • There is in this matter “some” truth in what you say . .odd though that may be.

        Nevertheless, political or moral agenda aside, language progresses by “Common understanding and expression”. Therefore and in situ, the word “gay” today in the western world and by modern dictionary terminology agreed means something “Homosexual” or at least MAY mean that (along with the old understanding of happy etc.)

        The expression therefore despite dislike of the word in its modern usage is correct. In fact the simple dislike of a word does not automatically render it as inadequate.
        Personally I dislike the often flouted word Vernacular used in Architecture when it should refer to speech and language but there we go . .Cant have everything can we.

      • (to scampy22 @ “There is in this matter…”)

        Your reply limns what is commonly expressed as “blessed by usage.” Gay et al. simili usurped words that are now accepted and used on the politicized usurpers’ terms are now cursed by usage.

  3. Mark.
    I am cheered somewhat by the fact that it appears I am not the only one with fast moving digits?
    “Your reply limns what is commonly . . .”

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