Rabbi Skorka: SSPX “dialogue” quickly progressed from “the Jews killed Jesus” to “the Lord’s Prayer” to “My grandmother died in Auschwitz”.


The Triumphant Messiah – Jesus Christ Coming Again In Glory
(Suggested reading: The Grapes of Wrath – Revelation 14-19)

“The cathedral was full, with people standing, prepared for a profound act of introspection, when a group of about 40 people began to recite from the Christian liturgy, the ‘Our Father,’ and began to hand out little pieces of paper saying that Jews were blaspheming the place,” Skorka said.


Editor’s note: The Catholic SSPX “little brothers”-  obviously attempting to dialogue with their Jewish “Big Brothers” – and preferring something other than the nondescript “profound act of introspection” planned by the “sainted” Rabbi Skorka, decided instead to recite the venerable Lord’s Prayer, inside Buenos Aries’ Catholic Cathedral.

For this, our Catholic SSPX “little brothers” in faith were vilified and spat upon by their Jewish “Big Brothers” and the police were called in.

I don’t know how the Catholic SSPX “little brothers” handled all of the abuse, but I hope Rabbi Skorka (and guests) haven’t been too badly traumatized by the experience – or too severely dehydrated, from all that spitting!

Some reports indicate the Catholic SSPX “little brothers” also prayed the Rosary while inside the Cathedral. I can only imagine the horror!

The Catholic SSPX “little brothers” also allegedly dialogued with their Jewish “Big Brothers” about the fact that the Holy Gospels put the lie to the currently popular claim that Jesus Christ was put to death by unknown assailants – so it’s no wonder some of those present might have been a bit upset.

As for the SSPX “little brother’s” alleged claim that their Jewish “Big Brothers” – conducting a non-Catholic service inside a Catholic Cathedral – were blaspheming/are blasphemers – I refer you to the Talmud – the ancient Rabbinical commentary typically held by some/many/most (?) Jews to be an even higher authority than the Old Testament canon of scripture.

Reading directly from the Talmud, it’s clear that anyone who accepts and supports its’ extremely offensive teachings -offensive to Christians, Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, anyway – is most certainly both a blasphemer and anti-Christ – and has absolutely no business “profoundly introspecting” inside a Catholic Cathedral, where the Real Presence of Jesus Christ is typically reserved.

Check out for yourself the scurrilous Talmudic claims regarding Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother.


  1. Well now, we have got an idea of what our Jewish “Big Brothers” think, in their Talmud! the Muslims, think worse, of Christ, in their Koran, with their Messenger of Mohamed!
    So WHY did the Roman Catholic Pope, John Paul II, proclaim: A Universal Salvationn, for all these Anti-Christ Religions?
    Could this be, The Smoke of Satan, working it’s Demonic Way, through Christianity???
    Something to Ponder!!!
    We are now, Living in Perilous Times, and we better Be Looking Up, for His Coming….Always Be Prepared, Like the Parable of “The Ten Virgins!”

  2. But anyone that spits on the SSPX is to be congratulated! I would certainly spit on those vile and sinful advocates! They are below contempt and have nothing to do with the Catholic Church whatsoever!!!

    I am glad that they are so vilified because they are ALL IN MORTAL SIN and DAMNABLE.

    Whilst some anti papal persons may think oh how shocking. .I should write such a condemnation of these persons I am fed up with the shit I read on this site about this Satanic Organisation!
    It would be better they realised and woke up! It is nearly the time that all members of that evil filthy damnable organisation the SSPX in which Satan is Glorified are to be thrown out of the True Catholic Church and back into Hell with Satan and all evil spirits that wander the earth seeking the ruin of souls.
    Woe unto them!

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