The left-wing seminaries we call universities

A particularly dramatic recent example was a pastor who told me that he has three sons, all of whom have earned doctorates — from Stanford, Oxford, and Fordham. What parent wouldn’t be proud of such achievements by his or her children?

But the tone of his voice suggested more irony than pride. They are all leftists, he added wistfully.

“How do you get along?” I asked.

“We still talk,” he responded.

Needless to say, I was glad to hear that. But as the father of two sons, I readily admit that if they became leftists, while I would, of course, always love them, I would be deeply saddened. Parents, on the left or the right, religious or secular, want to pass on their core values to their children.

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Submitted by Francis V.


  1. There is just so much wrong with this opinion piece (oh well, it’s Dennis Prager) that I will not even start to list the negatives. After all, it’s “National Review”: the anchor publication of the neocon war party. I’ll cut my comment short with this one positive: There’s no mention of the pastor’s progeny exiting their higher educations foaming at the mouth in favor of untrammeled US military aggression.

    I’d put that in the “win” column.

    • And here I was … simply trying to add a bit of “balance” to the day’s postings … after the controversial story on the dialogue going on between Rabbi Skorka and the SSPX folks, down in Buenos Aries!


      • I guess that makes you a FOXy blogger.

      • Yep,
        Fair & Balanced!!!

  2. Mark, My 2 daughter attend 2 different style universities, Secular and Jesuit.
    They both lean left, in Social Justice issues, But…..the daughter that attends a Secular school, where the likes, of James Carville teach, is a Capitalist. Amazing! How could this happen? She wants to make $ and Travel!
    The parents, are Hard- core Conservatives. 🙂
    Mother went to State school and Father went to .Jesuit school.
    Mother came from Conservative Republican background and Father came from a Moderate Democrat background. They really don’t follow their Savy Parents! what a shame!!!

    • Cathy, to couch such a discussion as this one in conventional political terms (“neocon war party” has not yet achieved “conventional” status :-)) stifles the process of true analysis. It might necessitate some intense self-deprogramming (I know, because I’ve been there), but I urge you to go beyond party labels in your search for the pith of such matters. Meanwhile, don’t beat yourself up.

      God bless and help us all as we strive to discern His will and truth!

  3. Doug,
    seems to be better than the shit that you usually and especially of late have allowed to pollute your site.
    Seems that any intellectual idea is a good one, right or left and if some of the regular participants are upset by that then it seems Ok.
    Makes a change to see the some of the rabble run.

  4. Well, it’s been said, “There is no difference , between the Republican Party and The Democrat Party…One is the Devil and the Other is Satan! The Choice Is Yours!!! In Roman’s, Paul says we are to follow our Governimg Leaders! God puts in Leadership, the Evil and the Good, since the OT Kings and Judges.. . It’s His Plan, for his Disobedient Creation!

    IMO, I believe the Republican, is more a Believer, in Christian values, for the Democrat believes in, Progressive values! IN GENERAL. 🙂

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