Britain: The Francis effect is drawing Catholics back to church


“This must be the place – but it’s not exactly how I remember it!”

Pope Francis has caused a surge in church attendance and confessions within the Catholic Church. This marks a turning point after decades of decline, the Sunday Times reports, referring to the results of a survey on Catholics across England and Wales.

In the eight months since Francis began his pontificate, British cathedrals “have seen a rise of about 20% in congregations, drawing in both new and lapsed members.” It goes on to add that over half the priests surveyed in Italy said they had noticed a rise in support for the Church.

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  1. Does this mean merely that more people are “showing up,” due to the novelty of a new pontiff? As opposed to actually returning to the True Church and the true practice of Her Faith? That confessions have increased is possibly a good omen.

    However, it is much too early for an end-zone dance. There have been way too many bad signs issuing from the Holy Father himself. Meanwhile, his papacy is already showing the potential to become yet another media-driven personality cult, like that of the master media manipulator, John Paul II. What Francis lacks are the charisma and savvy of the latter. Hard to tell yet about the ego.

    Speaking only for myself, I wait. And see. And pray.

  2. As a Brit .. I am delighted to report that the Churches have become more full in recent days. I also note that we have more Baptisms and young people although to be fair many are of foreign immigrant families. Nevertheless we are always glad to welcome anyone into our church and why they are there as the commentator above suggests is irrelevant!
    Grace works on all people and it is also true that pope Francis is widely respected and most loved, both a pontiff and Leader of his Flock with a big voice worldwide.

    It is laughable that “some” people should imagine Francis has a personality cult? To imagine that John Paul was some self seeking advert for his own personality cult is as shameful as it is ignorant! Hardly worth me stating anything else on that one; other than to say such commentators would presumably criticise the Carpenter of Nazareth for suggesting he was equal to God the Father!!!

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