California eliminates all regulations on abortions, including informed consent

While many states are tightening regulations and oversight of abortion clinics after the revelations of the “house of horrors” conditions in Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic in Philadelphia, a Planned Parenthood-promoted bill, AB 980, by Sacramento Assemblyman Richard Pan, a pediatrician, will require the California Department of Public Health to repeal all abortion service regulations in California “not later than July 1, 2014″.



  1. Will a 21st-century AD Lot bargain with the Lord to save CA: if only 10 just people can be found there before it is cast into the Pacific by a Divinely-ordained seismic apocalypse? More than an idle musing for me, as I have quite a few relatives and friends living there.

    Of course, these soon-to-be-defunct regulations merely prescribe abortions, without any proscription.

    (Such regulations are frequently called “victories” by the “pro-life” political classes. Don’t get me started afresh on them.)

  2. Mark,
    Great comparing California with, Abraham’s request : just 10 Righteous People in Sodom & Gommorah. California is the 21st version of S&G… WELL IT IS, NOTHING SURPRISES ME!
    They want Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practioners to partake in the slaughter….RESULT: Population Control!

    • Thank you for subtly correcting my erroneous attribution of the bargaining to Lot.

      • Mark,
        You were right Abraham was bargaining for Lot and his family! Unfortunately, Lot’s wife didn’t make it! She didn’t fully Trust, on the Promise of the Lord!
        The only erroneous statement was who the Lord was bargaining WITH for Lot was, Uncle Abraham!
        Basically, California is SO Liberal, it is the New S&G!

        Did you hear the Latest?
        The State is going to allow MANSON to Marry, behind bars!

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