Worse than you thought: Obamacare Provides Unlimited Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion.

Every individual enrolled in a plan that is eligible for federal tax credits and includes coverage of abortion will be forced to pay an additional abortion premium of at least $12 per year with private dollars.

Obamacare mandates that insurance companies then “segregate” any federal affordability tax credits it receives from the individual premiums used to pay for abortions.

The law provides no opt-out for individuals or families who may want to buy a particular plan that fits their health needs but does not include abortion coverage.



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  1. Not worse than I thought. But then, I have always expected the worst from this president, with no exception.

    BTW: on my browser, the linked site—gingpac.org—shows an “untrustworthy” WOT rating. I did not proceed beyond the warning screen.

    I am guessing that the site is connected with Newt Gingrich. If I am correct in my guess, I can understand the negative WOT warning. Regardless, that changes nothing about my rating of BHO and his handiwork.

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