An interview with the second most important man in the Vatican – Rabbi Abraham Skorka

Pope_and_Skorka-350x234The Rabbi is on the left – next to the Pope

NEW YORK — It was September, not an easy time for a religious Jew to be traveling. The Jewish month of Tishrei was ending with its marathon of holy days. Kosher wine would be needed. There were Sabbath blessings to recite. Fortunately, Rabbi Abraham Skorka had a friend with the run of a hotel who arranged for kosher meals and said “amen” to the rabbi’s prayers.

Skorka has been talking about this trip ever since, in interviews and meetings with Jewish groups, for two reasons: The hotel was inside the Vatican, and the friend was Pope Francis.

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Editor’s note: The content of this interview demonstrates the dangers of the way Pope Francis has thus far, chosen to run his papacy. Personal friendship is one thing. Inviting someone from an apostate non-Catholic religion to take up residence with the Pope, in the Vatican, for an extended period – especially during the beginning of a new administration – is a scandal and a sin.

What might be reasonably acceptable in a remote, South America backwater often doesn’t play very well on a world stage – nor should it. Did no one else think this was very strange, even for a “humble” pope?

The Pope’s handlers (Think this is “over the top”? Prove it!) should have realized this when they initially overplayed their “hand”- revealing way too much, way too soon. Barack Obama and his handlers suffered from a similar type of hubris. Liberal community organizer types with a pronounced leftist orientation evidently can’t seem to help it!

You’ve probably heard the term, “death by a thousand cuts.” For Catholics – at least those Catholics who are capable of understanding and recognizing what’s actually going on – it has so far, been “insult by a handful of outrageous interviews.” The pattern continues – and I have little doubt there’s much more to come.

Oy vey!


  1. Second most important man…”?

    Methinks the blogger may be guilty of anti-Semitic crimethink. He obviously needs to be “educated” in goodthink.

  2. The pope has the right and courtesy to invite whomever he wants to the Vatican and what others may be shocked at is irrelevant!
    The Pope is correct to invite his friends whatever their credo just as any parish priest may do so or indeed any person whatsoever.
    To rant against the Jews is reminiscent of the Anti-Christ Williamson and his famous anti holocaust reality!
    Time for people to get a life and stop insisting that the Pope is apostatized because he takes tea with a Jew etc! Whatever next? A complete breakdown of intellectual matter because the Pope has taken to wearing black socks????

    • All so very, very predictable. And tiresome.

    • The Pope’s Rabbi Skorka has now taken to giving press interviews about what the Pope thinks and how he intends to run the Catholic Church. If you can’t see the problem with this – and the grave scandal proceeding from the pope’s ill considered actions regarding this man, then you must be deaf and blind. Bishop Williamson speaks for himself and not for me. But any rational person would understand and agree that no one should attempt to put words in the mouth of the Pope of the Catholic Church. Not another Catholic – not another Christian – but especially not a Jew, who maintains that Jesus Christ is a blasphemer, presently rotting in Hell – instead of the divine God-Man Savior/Messiah, presently enthroned in Heaven at the right hand of God the Father. Jesus is also in fact, the HEAD of the Catholic Church and the pope’s “boss” – something Pope Francis might be wise to consider before he invites the Rabbi/idolater/blasphemer over for another extended stay.

      I happen to like black socks!


      • But anybody that stays in your house can and should be allowed to express what they think to their own audience etc. I see not anti rhetoric from this man and I see no point in claiming him by implication to be a bad person?
        As a Jew he can advise the Pope on many Jewish questions such as the hoped for future visit by Francis to the Holy Land. He can explain articles of the Jewish faith that many catholics may be uncertain upon or misunderstand. I do not know absolutely but I believe that the Jews do not have a hell as Christians understand it? So it is unlikely that they perceive Jesus in torment?
        Like Christ, pope Francis would rather treat his jewish friend well in the hope that he may come to appreciate the Lord rather than treat him like so many ignorant pontiffs in history that treated the Jews so appallingly which resulted in untold suffering all round!
        There are too many bad and wicked people in the world and they almost all detest men like Pope Francis and anyone he might give shelter to.

        I am sorry that some of your other Commentators are tired and find our own commentary “predictable and tiresome” as in the one liners I am constantly subjected to by this individual? Maybe they will grow up in the faith and cease from expressing such infantile counter comments to my own at seemingly every turn? I find their few one liners incapable of expressing any relevant counter argument but just ranting sneers that tell us lots about this individual and nothing about my own arguments herein etc.
        With the apparent total lack of theological debating skills I am afraid that I do find them now rather . . . boring!
        In view of their constant infantile aggression to anything I write here I shall try and pray for them as I suppose they must really hate themselves. I understand that self hate often lacking any moral or intellectual merit will strike out in wanton ignorance against whomever they perceive as a threat to their comfort zone.
        The lack of education is always a bad thing and I write this realising that that individual is in some need. I hope he finds his way through his darkness and will yet embrace the enlightened truth he so sorely misses.

      • As you mentioned, “The lack of education is always a bad thing.”

        For insights the express belief system of the majority of today’s Jews, I suggest you click this link:

        Modern Judaism is essentially based on the Talmud – not necessarily the Torah – so the Pope’s Rabbi is almost certainly aware of all this – as should also be, the Pope.

        Both are likely capitalizing on the ignorance of so many uneducated Catholics and other Christians to promote their shared, Masonic view of things.

        “The New World Order” courtesy of Pope Francis and Rabbi Abraham Skorka, with contributions from all the apostate religions and morally bankrupt political regimes in the modern world. Coming soon, to a book store near you! (Exact title may vary.)

        Paul – from your latest comments I’m beginning to suspect that you may indeed be what we yanks call “a liberal”!

        Warmest regards,


  3. It is quite amazing to me how often someone can confuse the prodigious mass of his rhetorical effluent with actual scholarship and spiritual insight.

  4. Doug,
    I am very much a Liberal at heart but it is a liberal with a small “L” so perhaps that makes me a Conservative as well! 🙂
    I am of course always referring to the philosophy of Liberalism rather than the political stance which is more akin to old conservatives whereas conservatism on a political scale is more like Neo-liberalism! 🙂
    I really cant imagine how you can equate NWO and Masonic practice with the statements of Vatican Head? That is very very American and I am somewhat aghast by it! 😀

    BTW I am glad in an amused way that our small minded friend can compare my comment to “rhetorical effluent”.
    I am heartily pleased to know that if there is anyone that knows about such a thing it is Him! I shall always think of him whenever I smell a rotten stink and recall his knowledge on the matter!
    On this I bow to his overwhelming insight, level headed sobriety and Christian charity. Fortunately he surely knows far more about such a stink of effluence than I ever could hence on this discharge I will say no more. 😀

    • It appears that you might be describing Satan, himself. I didn’t know you knew him that well. Better be very careful!


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