In Illinois, we just got what we were (evidently) praying for – and it’s not good!


by Doug Lawrence

Pat Quinn, the first homosexual Governor of Illinois, signed the same sex marriage bill into law, last week.

“How did things come to this?” I asked myself.

Then I remembered the seemingly innocuous little prayer that’s said before every Mass, at my local parish. That prayer covered a lot of ground. Come to think of it – I never really liked the way it sounded. Kind of “mealy-mouth”.

Now it was time for a closer look!

And there is was: “We pray for people of all nations. Fill their hearts with the desire to ensure justice and equality for all…”

As the sage rightly reminds us – be careful what you pray for – you just might get it!

photo: Yahoo News


  1. I think you know, don’t you, that the key votes in this legislation were justified by men, former nay voters, who cited Francis and his intemperate words regarding judging and homosexuals? Madigan and others. Ayyyy. So painful.

    I forget, are you in Illinois? I wonder if you go to my chapel.

    • Yes, I live in Illinois (sigh). And yes, I know that those sleazy politicians justified their votes by citing the Pope’s comments. Please send me an email with the name of your chapel, if you like – and I’ll respond. (Internet security and all that.)

      Thanks for writing!


  2. At least the prayer does not also call for “liberty” and “fraternity.” But are the handshakes later on Masonic?

  3. You got what you prayed for!!!
    God has chosen both good and bad Leader’s, since the Kings and Judges in the Old Testament! He has His REASONS, usually to chastise, the Wicked !!!
    Hey, allowing Same Sex Marriage, is an Abomination, to Our Lord, NO MATTER WHO, SAY’S IT’S O.K.!!!

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