The national collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is coming up this weekend, and though the CCHD has taken steps to clean up its act, organizations promoting abortion, birth control and homosexuality continue to receive CCHD funds.



Editor’s note: Remember to “PASS” on the annual CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) 2nd collection coming up this Sunday – unless you like empowering leftist community organizer types, who regularly promote a myriad of anti-Catholic social programs, using Catholic donations.

There’s plenty of better charitable causes to support. Unfortunately, not many of them are Catholic, any more!


  1. That slam! just heard was the sound of my checkbook closing.

    • Mark, My husband will Write The Check!!!

      Does Anyone Know about St. Vincent De Paul Society?
      I Hope it does not release any funding oR obtain funds for mendacious groups!

      • The Saint Vincent DePaul Society operates primarily at the parish level, according to long established Catholic principles. In my experience, it works, since it doesn’t hand out grants of money to nameless, faceless, community organizations – rather, they assist specific individuals in the local area who have various, essential needs: food, clothing, housing, basic transportation for work, etc.. Of course, things may be different in various parts of the country, but my experience with them has been overwhelmingly positive.


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