The Chew Chef Mario Batali Donates $5,000 to Pay for Women’s Abortions

The abortion lobby recently took to Twitter to raise money for organizations funding abortions for women who may find obtaining one more difficult after numerously abortion clinics failed to meet the health standards of HB2 in Texas.

The Chew chef Mario Batali tweeted his support for the fundraising efforts and offered to match donations of up to $5,000 in one 30-minute period.


Editor’s note: No wonder watching this sad excuse for a man always gave me indigestion!


  1. I will remain blissful in my total ignorance of The Chew or of anything/anyone to do with whatever it is.

  2. What’s his contact info, do you know? (If it’s twitter, cd you tell me how to do that? You put the hashtag in front of their name and it goes to their twitter page, or what?) Cause I want to tell him how pleasant it is to watch a man prepare food with dead babies.

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