How to Explain Your Pro-Life Views in 30 Seconds


I am pro-life because we know the unborn are alive, because they’re growing. We know the unborn are human because they have human parents, and I think human beings like me and you are valuable.

In fact, I think all human beings have an equal right to live, because they all have something special in common: they’re human. That’s why racism and sexism are wrong. Racism is wrong because it focuses on a surface difference that doesn’t morally matter and ignores the thing we all have in common, which is the thing that does morally matter: that we’re human.



  1. This 30-second drill is fatally compromised by this, from its second paragraph: “That’s why racism and sexism are wrong.”

    These terms beggar any clear definition, because both are political constructs.

    The author of this confused exercise did not know when to quit. It would have been at the end of the first paragraph. Which would have made it a 15-second drill.

    All that said, I will close with what I have been saying for decades: If the pro-life war could be won with logic, it would never have started.

  2. This is exactly why the pro-life message failed, no mention of scripture including Luke 1:27-55 being the ONLY reason needed to ban abortion.

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