Pope Francis singles out the Latin Mass crowd for particular criticism (again). Then he (probably unintentionally) takes it right back!


by Doug Lawrence

From the Pope’s new Apostolic “Exaltation”:

“In some people we see an ostentatious preoccupation for the liturgy, for doctrine and for the Church’s prestige, but without any concern that the Gospel have a real impact on God’s faithful people and the concrete needs of the present time”.

Since I don’t know anyone like this, I wish the Pope would specifically point them out or at least, give us a list of names!

Then curiously, Pope Francis seems to say just the reverse:

“Pastoral ministry in a missionary style is not obsessed with the disjointed transmission of a multitude of doctrines to be insistently imposed…the message has to concentrate on the essentials, on what is most beautiful, most grand, most appealing and at the same time most necessary. The message is simplified, while losing none of its depth and truth, and thus becomes all the more forceful and convincing.”


What could be more essential, more beautiful, more grand, more appealing, more necessary and more empowering than Our Lord Jesus Christ, becoming present for us on the altar, at Mass – body and blood, soul and divinity – the source and center of all Catholic worship – by means of an ancient liturgy, fully approved by Tradition, which is at once solemn, formal, pious, glorious, reverent, faithful, powerful, joyous, true and ever new?

I’ve never been a stickler about the Latin Mass. I appreciate a properly celebrated Mass, in any of the approved forms. That’s why I can’t believe the Pope keeps obsessing about this!

Is religious liberty exclusively for the Jews, Pagans, Protestants and progressive Catholics, or do Traditional Catholics also have a right to worship – within practical limits – in the way they prefer?

None of the pre-Vatican II devotions and liturgies were ever legitimately outlawed by the Church. None of them were ever found lacking, for genuine doctrinal or efficacious reasons. 

All of these things were in fact, time-tested over centuries – even millennium – until the modernist Vatican II “Fathers” unilaterally decided to discard the lot of them, in favor of “Catholic light” liturgical novelties that are, in truth, more Lutheran and Methodist than Catholic. Then – just to be sure – they illegally banned the old Latin Mass, for almost fifty years.

With our current hierarchy well aware of the Pope’s obvious disdain for such things, we can probably expect the “Francis Effect” to “bury” the old Latin Mass once again – this time, for God only knows how long!

It’s all liberal, left-wing politics! Barack Obama couldn’t have managed (or should I say mismanaged) things any better!

Is this what the Pope means, when he writes, “The message is simplified, while losing none of its depth and truth, and thus becomes all the more forceful and convincing.” ? If so, we’ve got big trouble in Vatican City – since about seventy five percent of post Vatican II Catholics have already voted “NO” by walking away from the Novus Ordo Mass – and the post-Vatican II Catholic Church – never to return!

But to be fair – the popularity of the “Clown Mass”, the “Circus Mass” and the “Picnic Mass” has never been higher!


  1. “But to be fair – the popularity of the “Clown Mass”, the “Circus Mass” and the “Picnic Mass” has never been higher!”

    The thing about the new mass, whether it is without reverence at all, as in these travesties, or whether it is celebrated with great reverence, ad orientem, communion kneeling, and in Latin, is the collects. The collects are completely different and once you become aware of it, it’s scary. The novus ordo collects seem to never admit we’re sinners and never ask for help. Their tone is pretty much like we’re doing God a favor and maybe He’d like to ask US for something. I was alerted to look for it reading Anthony Cekada’s ‘Work of Human Hands,’ but I think before I read that I ran into a web site that compared collects for any number of Sundays. Bugnini only kept a few of the old collects and those are buried in weekday masses. I am especially sensitive on this matter because given the devolution of our culture, these collects are just about the only systematic instruction on ‘how to pray’ that our families are getting, and it sure makes a difference in life, in virtue, in eternal life, as to whether a person confronts temptation admitting they’re a sinner, or not, never admitting that and never asking for help with the challenges of life. Just the elimination of those two things could be all the devil needs to tip the balance. How we pray is a very big deal, and the novus ordo definitely has a footprint. You should check it out.

    • I agree completely with your critical comments, but there is a vast, amazingly rich, incredibly old Catholic prayer tradition, which anyone with a library card or a computer can easily access, if they like.

      The Mass has always been primarily about suitably commemorating Jesus Christ’s perfect sacrifice, so we faithful but recidivist sinners might not be doomed to an eternity in Hell. So long as Jesus still deigns to become present on the altar for us, I’m not going to get too bent out of shape about “little” things.

      I don’t consider Liturgical/Mass abuse of any type a “little” thing.

      Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I would not be at all surprised if a document—called an “Exhortation”— of 51,000 words took strange, meandering courses: including self-contradictory turns. Particularly considering its author.

    Janet, I would strongly urge that, if you approach any work at all of Anthony Cekada, you would do it with extreme caution and a ten-foot pole. He is a committed sede vacantist. There is more about him that I know and have reason to suspect, for which this blog is not the appropriate disclosure venue.

    There is a wealth of critical scholarship about V-II and is toxic legacy available from members of the “Loyal Opposition”: i.e. clergy and scholars who did not leave the Church.

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