Seen on the web re: The Pope’s latest Apostolic Exhortation

Mary De Voe on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 A.D. at 11:26am

“…reinterpretation of the Gospel in the light of contemporary culture…”

What we need is reinterpretation of contemporary culture in light of the Gospel.

I was not scared until now.



  1. Contemporary “culture”—as I have said before—offers no light.

  2. I think it’s going to breakdown like this: he will do everything ‘right’ except one. The one thing will be the one essential thing. He will pray the rosary. He will order that we receive kneeling, on the tongue. He will finally insist that the NO be celebrated in Latin. Etc. But there’s that one thing that he won’t do, and that’s where the treasure is, and this ‘adjust the Gospel’ instead of ‘adjust the culture’ gives it away. One day it looks as if it will be collegiality, but thank God SSPX has kind of forced them to look again at the theology of that, so they might be hemmed in there. Another day it looks as if it might be ecumenism, because he does touch on the abuses of that, for example that poor people need to be given the Faith along with Catholic charitable services and goods, wasn’t that day before yesterday? Of course the reason we don’t offer the Faith anymore is because of the constraints that Vatican II’s false teaching on ‘other Churches’ has put on us, and again SSPX has pulled them up short on that. My own bet is religious liberty, which is allied to ecumenism of course, but as much as to the concept of the Catholic state, and that to the concept of Christ the King. A whole whole lot of trads have fallen short here, ever since the protestant rebellion. We want to settle, and live, not keep up a brave fight and die. We’re half in love with americanism, anyway, the whole protestant ‘free market’ and ‘liberty in every damn thing’ idea. Maybe that will be the one thing. But that pulls on Francis’ economic leftism (which is the reaction a lot of people have had, going ‘left’ when the genuine religious state is withdrawn as an option; that’s why Belloc’s distributism is seen as ‘left’ by many–it’s just a Catholic state economic policy divorced from the demand for the Catholic state to accompany it, but that makes all the difference; did you know Pius XI said that the economics of the Catholic state were indistinguishable from those of what he called ‘moderate socialism’?)

    It’s all like playing chess with the devil, or Brer Rabbit. ‘Oh don go there massah, don’t you receive that host kneeling, no sir massah,’ when it’s a dodge, not where the treasure is buried at all. But accomplishing it will take all the time necessary to burn the treasure or kill the princess or strangle the prince, whatever. I think I have done damage to Uncle Remus, but you get my point. Francis will do everything peripheral and it will eat up a lot of time and meanwhile we’re going over the edge. I’m scared too. ‘Cause we’re sure some dumb butt sheep.

  3. The trouble with an organisation like the SSPX is that they are at best schismatic. In the eyes of the true Catholic Church ie the overwhelming number of clergy and overwhelming number of Laity such an organisation is worse than utter heresy.
    The SSPX are actually worse than the most fundamental protestants because the latter had the good sense to break with Rome completely unlike the SSPX whom to date still give lip service to the Roman authority!
    In imagining that the Church will fall back to a full Latin Mass and forget its duty to the ecumenical cause it so rightly and well has now set its course upon, these heretics are living in cloud cuckoo land!
    Their false and vile Bishops and the wicked clergy that have chosen to follow them continue to lead some of the faithful into full schism and the sooner they return to the Authority of Rome and its Bishops the sooner they will avert eternal disaster.
    With Holocaust denying clerics these people are the sham of Christendom and have done nothing for Mother Church except harm and injure her.
    It really is about time that members of the SSPX realised they quite sicken good people of good will and that their following although insignificant is still leading souls to damnation.

    • There’s no reason The SSPX people cannot worship as they choose, while clinging to authentic, traditional Catholic doctrine and practices. No reason other than the “authority” you mention – which is bent on foisting a “new” and quite different church on uneducated, unsuspecting Catholics. If that’s what you mean by schism, ask the church authorities why they insist on suppressing the SSPX people. Then ask them where they got their novel new “catholic” doctrines. If they don’t admit they got them from the Protestants, then they are lying. And what do we call the opposite of lying? Truth! The SSPX people, despite a few political difficulties, have 1950 years of settled Catholic truth on their side. The present church “authorities” have been trying to sell their corrupt, ineffective, offensive and modernist political concepts – for only the last fifty years, by falsely dressing them up as authentic Catholic teachings and principles – when anyone can see they are not. There’s an example of a spiritual disaster for you – complete with the actual world-wide statistics to prove it. And let’s please stop the name calling! Let’s try to deal with specifics and facts, rather than crass, personal attacks. This is, after all, a Catholic website.

      Thank you for commenting.


      • Doug,

        Of course the SSPX can worship as they choose! They can worship whom or whatever they desire.

        They will however, not be Roman Catholics unless they accept the Authority of Rome and its Bishop and the Magisterium and its Council. They should accept the Church and its Authority as Universal and Absolute. Basically they or anybody else cannot pick and choose what they believe. If they wish to be Roman Catholics then they submit to the Pope in EVERYTHING and acknowledge that in the past they have sinned against the Church and now renounce their disobedience as anathema and accept the Pope and The Council. They will try to understand better and implement the Council and Papal decrees as best they can.
        The Authority of the Pope is Primus and no other Bishop no matter whom they are or claim authority from or imagine or desire or wish they were may contradict. The imagination of Tradition and the claim of the Past and evaluation of Holy Scripture, the Councils or the Sacred Teachings of Mother Church are insufficient to contradict the Authority of the Pope and the vast Majority of the Bishops, Magisterium.

        In this the SSPX are in agreement. The problem arises when they suggest that they are the True and Holy Apostolic Church and it is the Bishop of Rome and the World wide Bishops the Magisterium and Council that is in error. This absurd claim is given because the SSPX do not desire open breach with the idea of The Roman Catholic Church. They claim that before Pope John 23rd and the start of the Council the Catholic Church was the keeper of Sacred Truth but that since then it has become misguided and foolish. They imagine thereby that they are the true and authentic holders of the Faith.

        That belief is deceptive and bears the imprint of Satan and has led and continues to lead them into open schism that will surely result in a final breach from Rome and final excommunication.

        I am uncertain of the idea that any Catholic with even half a brain can imagine that the SSPX are speaking the truth and the last 50 years the authorities of the Church have been incompetent at best! If as you say this site is a Catholic one then why am I constantly having to remind you of basic Catholic Doctrine regarding the Authority of the Pope etc etc etc. It is beyond understanding! No Catholic can think that the Authority of the Pope has been diminished since the Council and that such insignificant groups like the SSPX are now the true holders of the faith. Worse than heresy that is just Stupid!!

        I do not engage in personal attacks or calumny even though on more than one occasion I have been subjected to such outbursts by some commentators here. I chose to accept these for the sake of the Cross and the address of speaking truth in what remains an ever decreasing and iniquitous flow.

        The SSPX remain as the most public and false of all erroneous organizations against Mother Church. Their ignorance and hateful lies against other Christians and Mother Church babbled as if they are true are nothing short of disgraceful and as for the charge that the Pope is ill advised when their own leaders deny The Holocaust etc is lamentable.

        Basically Doug, I am rather shocked that you should imagine the SSPX are anything other than false teachers and little more than the devil’s advocate. It shows a lack of Faith in the One and Holy Apostolic Church and regardless of their smiles and whimpering sycophantic comments they remain schismatic at best and it is they not the True Catholic Church that are in grave and sinful error!!!

        If you do not wish me to comment or communicate any more than please advise here. Its your site but My Comments. I have written what I have written and I think I have always tried to communicate on site the truth of Mother Church as it is presented universally. I am afraid I personally however cannot tolerate such organizations as the SSPX as I regard these in total error and in keeping with Cardinal Celi I may not be allowed to continue to communicate with such sites that advance these anti papal claims, It may be best therefore if you desire to continue advancing their policies that I no longer have truck with the site.

        Thanks for your friendly attention. Paul

      • The SSPX cannot be false teachers because they teach only what the authentic Magisterium of the Catholic Church faithfully taught for the last 1950 years.

        Nor do the SSPX people reject the authority of the pope. They simply maintain that even a pope has no authority to preach error and/or heresy. And in that, they are perfectly correct and within their rights!

        The people who imposed the the 2nd Vatican Council aftermath on the laity – emptying the religious orders, decimating the priestly seminaries, stripping the churches of their beauty, and dumbing-down worldwide Catholic catechesis, are the true schismatics. Pope Francis/Cdl. Bergoglio has always been one of the leaders of that little group, and now that he’s in charge, he’s still mucking things up.

        The current pope and bishops cannot simply make things up – ignoring almost 2000 years of settled Catholic doctrine and tradition. Either the church was wrong all those years – or the pope and bishops are wrong now. Either way, the church and the world are in big, big trouble!

        It’s not simply a matter of majority rule by clerics. It is – and always has been about ruling the Catholic Church with due regard for the grace and truth of Jesus Christ and for the good of souls.

        The Magisterium is the authentic, Christ instituted teaching office of the Catholic Church. Jesus established the Magisterium when he issued the the Great Commission.

        The pertinent line in that Gospel passage is: “Teaching them to observe ALL THINGS whatsoever I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:20)

        We know precisely what ALL THOSE THINGS ARE, because the Catholic Church taugh them for over 1900 years. But today’s Catholic clerics are no longer teaching all things that Jesus commanded. They are teaching instead, novel things which are not even remotely Catholic. Many of these clerics also doubt the veracity of the sacred scriptures – and even the real presence of Jesus Christ, in the Holy Eucharist. Many are active homosexuals. Many are more Lutheran and/or Methodist in belief than they are Catholic. And huge numbers consider their holy orders nothing more than necessary credentials for their chosen career. Hence, we have many self-serving hypocrites (and worse) – abusing their holy office and leading otherwise good people astray. Modern Day Pharisees!

        I’m surprised that you find our “dialogue” – the “holiest” word in the post-Vatican II Church lexicon – to be so trying. But to be frank, you continue to make statements and defend positions that are, in light of the abundant evidence to the contrary – indefensible.

        I have absolute faith in Jesus Christ and his Holy Catholic Church. But I would be a fool if I ignored the abundant evidence of massive corruption in the hierarchy regarding personal and doctrinal issues – plus administrative malfeasance – plus scandalous financial management of church funds and corruption in various Catholic charitable organizations. On top of all this – when presented with the evidence, they deny, deny, deny – lying to our faces, just like cheap politicians.

        Compared to what has been going on with these wayward Catholic clerics, the SSPX people tend to look like saints!

        So you’ll excuse me if I don’t see the SSPX as schismatic – nor does either the present pope or the pope emeritus. So by what right or authority do you make your claims? And is making such a calumnious and unsupported statement not gravely sinful?

        I’m going to continue to call things as I see them. You need to follow your own conscience.

        Warmest regards,


  4. Doug,
    You will hopefully understand if I simply disagree with your statement in entirety. I have no stomach for treason and traitors such as the SSPX and their hateful anti-Catholic comments and according to Cardinal Celi I am bound to leave such places that advertise their wares. The SSPX is an organisation that I believe is heretical and may well be Satanic and I cannot have any truck whatsoever with it.
    Therefore I in good conscience cannot follow your site anymore. This is my final text and I will unsubscribe here in moments accordingly once I send this comment..

    On a personal level I hope that you will find that guy that I first met here a while ago and will reaffirm your correct faith that he once held. I do not accept the new Doug or your zero policy to the Authorities in Rome as this seems tainted with the Heresy of organisations such as the SSPX. Time will tell which of us is correct; for example if you and the SSPX are then the Church will do an about face and revert to what they demand. If I am correct then the SSPX will fail and eventually die away from the Roman Catholic Church. I hope that you can still appreciate the Church will win in the end whatever the world throws at it. Time will tell eh?
    I offer you my prayers for your future happiness and well being with regard that you will I hope appreciate that at his moment we must part ways.

    Thank you for your most thoughtful site.
    Be of Good Cheer always Doug and try to love people with different attitudes LOL without regarding then as hateful liberals!
    God Bless You.

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