Church of England proposes ‘blessings’ for homosexual unions

LONDON (Reuters) – Church of England clergy would be able to “bless” same-sex relationships under long-awaited proposals unveiled on Thursday as the church adopts a more open – but disputed – approach to homosexuality.


Editor’s note: What do you call it when grave sin is “blessed” by a purported Christian church? Would it be blasphemy, idolatry, sacrilege – all three? Or would it be something else?


  1. EVIL!…..This is Antichrist Work, defiance of God, under cover of Chritianity!
    Bless Us, for enduring this Unholy Abomination!

  2. The CoE is already long-established as defiantly heretical. Once there is separation from the eternal verities of the perennial Magisterium, anything goes. So what is remarkable about this latest CoE aberration, except its inevitability?

    Hmmm…speaking of “separation from…the perennial Magisterium” and “anything goes,” and I am reminded once again about so much that has gone wrong in the One True Church these past 50 years. Sigh!

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