Being authentically Catholic can be complicated

keeprightwrongThe Catholic vision of life permeates everything. Thus, it shapes the way I view sexuality – as a great gift from God but also with certain boundaries and limits – but also the way I view how we should build our towns and cities and care for the environment, raise our animals, cultivate our food. The Catholic principle of subsidiarity – mentioned earlier – causes me to be distrustful of big government – where it isn’t warranted – but also of big corporations.

None of this fits into our neat political categories. And it leads to quite a bit of misunderstanding from those on the outside.

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  1. Hi, Doug! Hey, I wish you could fix something. When I open an email from you notifying me of a new posting, the title of the post is given, and then underneath it, it says, By Doug Lawrence. I therefore open every post thinking you wrote it. That isn’t usually true, but it continues to confuse me even when I read to the end of the piece by clicking on the Read More link (as I recall–it might say, in the email, Read the Rest of this Article). I wish you could change the word ‘By’ to something like ‘Posted by’ Doug Lawrence, ‘Noticed on the web by’ Doug Lawrence, ‘Re-posted by’ Doug Lawrence. This authorship issue recently erupted into a little tif on Angelqueen and another blog. They use similar language, and the real author of the writing was irate, and then some people responded inappropriately for a Catholic blog, etc. etc. So, anyway, just saying, the word ‘By’ indicates authorship traditionally and it’s a little confusing at the least when used by a re-poster. In case you feel like changing something! Please not the color, I love the Elvis vib.

    • I’ve been trying to tweak the WordPress settings to get that “author:” thing to come up as something else – like “editor” – but so far, with no success. When I do get around to writing my own stuff I generally use a personal by-line. Otherwise, I always link to the genuine content, displaying as little as I can of it, in my post. I too have been following the Angelqueen controversy. If you figure out how to make the WordPress “author:” change before I do, please let me know.

      Thanks for your comments!


  2. The word “conservative” has lost any and all definition. It is utterly relative.

    After all, “conservatives” in the late 20th century Soviet Union referred to doctrinaire proto Marxist/Leninists. One chooses to “conserve” what one chooses to conserve. No matter how old or how novel.

    Aside from those observations, I have one question: Why does the arrow in the graphic above point to the left? Maybe I am missing something obvious or highly-nuanced. Unless it is meant to point “stage-right”. (That’s the stage-trained former actor in me speaking.)

    • The only reason thew arrow points left is because the sign says just the opposite. How’s that for being “complicated”?


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