What Pope Francis never told you: Present-Day Judaism is not Old Testament Judaism


General Titus’ Siege of Jerusalem – Pentecost Sunday, 70 A.D.

“What The Jews Believe” is the subject to which “Life” magazine devoted eleven pages of its September 11th issue. The writer, Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein of Rochester, N. Y., is the president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, “the largest organization of rabbis in the world.” The article enforces the conviction that the Judaism of today is not Old Testament Judaism.

The two opening sentences alone of the lengthy article warrant the above declaration, viz:—“The Jew has no single organized church. He has no priests.” This is enlarged upon in these words:—“The congregation’s rabbi is a teacher, not a priest.” The rabbi is “without any vested ecclesiastical authority, he is not even necessary to the functioning of the synagogue. Any male Jew with sufficient knowledge of the prayers and the laws can conduct a religious service, officiate at marriages and bury the dead.”

This is not new in Jewry. Ludwig Lewisohn, professor of English literature at Brandeis University, Waltham, Mass., says in his “Mid-Channel”:—“With the destruction of the Temple the sacrificial cult of the Jews was destroyed. For among the people there was but one altar, hence the Jewish people were suddenly laicized. Priests and sacrifices and tangible mysteries were no more.”

Surely this is not Old Testament Judaism, which was, as the Catholic Church is, an authoritative God-instituted priestly religion; the high priest being the supreme ecclesiastical authority. Aaron was its Peter, who was ordained by God through his brother Moses (Exodus 28), having successors until about the time of the destruction of the Temple in the year 70 A. D.

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  1. The Levitical Priesthood is gone, when the Temple was demolished in 70AD by Roman General Titus. Some of the depictions of the Jewish Temple are carved into the famous Arch of Titus, in Rome ( The Temple Menorah.)
    Once the Jews were displaced and scattered ( Diaspora ), they never again retained their Sacrificial Priesthood, begun by Aaron (the brother of Moses-in Exodus).
    There is a group of Jewish men, who are trying to form, the old Sanhedrin, in order to bring an Agreement with Islam, to help bring back the Madhi….sounds they want to promote Apocalypse!
    There is even ppl talking of building a New Temple, and are making the new replicas of the Apparatus now.
    BUT why?
    The Messiah has come, He is now the High Priest, Jesus Christ of Nazareth! King of Kings, Lord of Lords!

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