Why Catholics should be suspicious when bastions of anti-Catholicism in the left-wing media are in love with Pope Francis.

Much is being made of his ‘compassion’ and ‘humility,’ but kissing babies and hugging the sick is nothing new. Every pope in recent memory has done the same, yet only now are the media paying attention. Benedict XVI and John Paul II refused to kowtow to the liberal agenda, and so such displays of tenderness were under-covered.

But Francis is beating a retreat for the Catholic Church, and making sure its controversial doctrines are whispered, not yelled – no wonder the New York Times is in love.

Just like President Obama loved apologizing for America, Pope Francis likes to apologize for the Catholic Church, thinking that the Church is at its best when it is passive and not offending anyone’s sensibilities.

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  1. Reblogged this on Chastisement 2013 and commented:
    Great post Doug!


  2. “…John Paul II refused to kowtow to the liberal agenda…”

    Politically, that’s somewhat true. As far as the Church’s liberal, Vatican II agenda was concerned, the statement is utterly untrue. The persecution of traditionalist Catholicism continued unabated throughout the JP-II papacy.

    As for the media, they were no enemy to him. The crafty Pole knew just how to play to them. The result was a media-driven personality cult that continues to this day, as evidenced by the scandalously rash fast-tracking of his canonization. Which, of course, also bolsters the Church’s liberal agenda.


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